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This post about how to make your pharmacy trip more efficient has been sponsored by Target and Social Chorus but all opinions expressed here are my own. Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.

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As a pharmacy technician, I am very familiar with the running of a pharmacy.  I know which medications people take for what health problems, where the vitamin isle is located and that the pharmacist is a great source of knowledge if you have a health question.  I also see people come into the pharmacy on a regular basis who have to spend WAY more time there than they may have had to with a bit of advanced planning.  We have busy lives and increased efficiency will help hurry us on our way to our next appointment.  Here are just a few ways that you can make your pharmacy trip more efficient!

How to Make Your Pharmacy Trip More Efficient

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Make Your Pharmacy Trip More Efficient

1.  Know the names of your medications:  You would not believe the number of people who come into my pharmacy and ask for a refill on “that oval shaped white pill” that they take for some health issue they can’t remember.  Know the name of the medicine and what you take it for to alleviate confusion and make your pharmacy trip more efficient!

2.  Keep an eye on your refills.  This is incredibly easy since prescription bottles will tell you right on them that you have one, two or ZERO refills remaining.  If there are no refills you will have to come back some other day for your medication after the doctor has been contacted.

3. Keep a list of medications handy:  This will help your pharmacy staff make sure you are picking up everything you need.  If you take multiple medications and one is left out of the order you will have to make a separate trip to pick it up.

4.  Consider a courtesy refill program:  We are often so busy that we forget that it is even time to refill our medicines.  Putting your medicines on courtesy refill will allow the pharmacy to handle that for you and just call you when your prescription is ready to pick up.

5. Pick up other things you might need when you are at the pharmacy.  Most pharmacies stock a whole assortment of health and beauty aids, groceries, and household items.  Don’t make a separate trip to the grocery store if you don’t have to.  Even better, if you choose to visit your local Target Pharmacy, you will have a HUGE store full of supplies that will make your pharmacy tip more productive.  Instead of just going to pick up your medicine you can also grab that birthday gift you need for your daughter’s best friend and a card for your grandmother on Mother’s Day!


Target Pharmacy: A Better Pharmacy Experience

Using the Target Pharmacy can make for a much better pharmacy experience.  If you are currently using a different pharmacy, Target offers an easy transfer program that you can use in-store, online or on your mobile device. In addition to that easy transfer, you can sign up for the Target Pharmacy Rewards program.   There are no points to count or track and after only 5 prescription fills (yes, vaccinations count too!) your will receive 5% off a whole day of shopping (in-store and online).  Their list of $4 generics may make many brand-name equivalent prescriptions a lot cheaper than you are currently paying and you can even get some of your pet’s prescriptions there are well.  Just drop off your prescription and sign up for text alerts to let you know when it is ready.  You can save yourself some time by doing your shopping while you wait for your prescription to be filled.  Great way to make your pharmacy trip more efficient! Target Pharmacy is ranked “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies by J.D. Power.” so you know you will have a great experience!

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If you want to check out the Target Pharmacy and make your next pharmacy trip more efficient just head over to the Flip the Script website and transfer your prescription to Target! I know that 5% off a whole day of shopping will save me some serious amount of money!  I can’t seem to go to Target without realizing how many things I am actually out of at home!

 Do you have any other tips for making your pharmacy trip more efficient?



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This post about how to make your pharmacy trip more efficient has been sponsored by Target and Social Chorus but all opinions expressed here are my own. Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.





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  1. Keeping an eye on your refills is so important! I try to stay on top of that.
  2. I shop for kids' clothes at Target.
  3. Great tips. I love that I can log onto my pharmacy account to see which meds each of my kids are on. It is great to have on hand.
  4. I love Target for everything. I love that I can grab a few things towards dinner while grabbing everything else I need
  5. Seriously, I shop at Target for everything, but if I have to choose one thing, it would be kids clothing.
  6. Julie Wood says
    I usually shop for end of year clearance items that are reduced 50% off. I just bought a electric room heater that was 50% off! I also use my food coupons to get great deals on Frozen food another food items.
  7. Mary Beth Elderton says
    I was just at Target today! My Hubz needed an external hard drive and, while I was there, I picked up a DVD and some grocery odds and ends.
  8. Oh geesh! What don't I shop for at Target - that list might actually be shorter! I love to get groceries, cleaning products, clothes, shoes, medicine, dog/cat food, birthday gifts, books, toiletries at Target.
  9. Jessica Menster says
    I try to shop the sales at Target, but usually end up in the clothes or home department!
  10. Connie Lee says
    I like to buy clothing and cosmetics from Target.
  11. Tracy Robertson says
    I usually shop for coffee, snacks, household items and clothing at Target.
  12. I usually shop for food and cleaning supplies
  13. I like to get my clothing from Target
  14. Darlene Carbajal says
    I mostly shop for beauty products!
  15. Angela DiBetta says
    I seriously buy EVERYTHING at Target! Thanks for the chance!
  16. I shop groceries, clothes and home decor at Target.
  17. Barbara Montag says
    I shop for paper products and household cleaners at Target. thank you
  18. ellen beck says
    I buy groceries and pet food at Target as well as clothes.
  19. Allison Downes says
    I usually shop for groceries and clothes.Thanks for the chance to win
  20. I usually shop for toys and shoes at Target.
  21. Lisa Brown says
    i shop for clothing and makeup
  22. I shop for diapers and baby clothes
  23. Candice Montgomery says
    Clothes and groceries
  24. I usually shop for my grandson's clothing at Target.
  25. I have a list of what I am looking for. When I enter the store, I always pick up an ad and look it over. If I find any necessary items (for the future) in the ad, I shop that item. I shop clearance items too.If I have a pharmacy pickup, I call the pharmacy BEFORE I shop and find out when their lightest customer hours are.
  26. picture frames
  27. food
  28. make up shampoo, seasonal items, humidifiers, exercise equipment, printer ink
  29. I like to shop for and buy all of my groceries at target every single week.
  30. Serena Powell says
    I mainly shop for clothes.
  31. I shop for clothing and school supplies at Target.
  32. Danalee Davis says
    I usually get diapers.
  33. Chrystal D says
    Clothes, pet supplies, purses, Yankee Candles and groceries.
  34. Michelle Weaver says
    We usually get k-cups at target!
  35. Groceries and automotive supplies!
  36. Shauntea Crutcher says
    I buy clothes and groceries at Target.
  37. Shannon Baas says
    I like to look for clothing at Target.
  38. Shilo Beedy says
    I usually buy kids clothes at Target
  39. I usually buy cat food at Target.
  40. Margaret Smith says
    Clothing, cleaning supplies, toys and sometimes food.
  41. paige chandler says
    I love to get workout gear at Target
  42. ELIZABETH C. says
    I usually get groceries at Target.
  43. Theron Willis says
    I like to buy pants and button down shirts from Target.Hope to win!
  44. Gail Crawford says
    Target has great home decor.
  45. I usually shop for makeup or prescriptions.
  46. I like to buy the grandkids clothes there and get holiday decorations in season
  47. Ann Fantom says
    I shop for everything at Target. I buy a lot of toiletries, groceries, cleaning supplies and my daughter's clothing there
  48. Meghan Malicoat says
    I shop for household products mostly and occasionally will grab my kids some cute outfits.
  49. I shop for clothes the most at target.
  50. diana shenderovich says
    my son socks and tshirts
  51. Great prices, so nearly everything.
  52. I buy make up at Target.
  53. I usually shop for groceries at Target.
  54. Theresa Jenkins says
    take my parents once a week to buy what they don't get at the grocery store
  55. I love the home decor and kids clothes at target.
  56. Mya Murphy says
    Usually K-cups and other groceries.
  57. I shop for some groceries and household goods at Target.
  58. I subscribed in RSS Netvibes Reader
  59. Deborah Wellenstein says
    I usually shop at Target for home decor items, and jewelry.
  60. garfieldusa says
    I love their clothes!
  61. I buy my grandkids their toys there plus some clothes
  62. I usually get their frozen turkey breasts when they are on sale.
  63. I usually get their frozen turkey breasts when they are on sale.
  64. I usually get catfood and Sport Ritter Marzipan chocolate
  65. I like their girl's clothes and sandals. My daughter doesn't mind wearing them because it's what everyone else is wearing. thank you!
  66. I like their girl's clothes and sandals. My daughter doesn't mind wearing them because it's what everyone else is wearing. thank you!
  67. I like their girl's clothes and sandals. My daughter doesn't mind wearing them because it's what everyone else is wearing. thank you!
  68. richelle bowers says
    I shop for clothes and sometimes beauty products
  69. I shop for everything at Target clothes, toys, groceries, toiletries etc>
  70. Linda Lansford says
    I shop for clothes
  71. susan glazer says
    i shop for groceries, housewares and clothing. better question would be what don't i shop for at target?
  72. Sarah Jackson says
    I usually shop for towels and sheets, and sometimes kids clothes.
  73. I usually shop for home decor at target.
  74. Home decor, diapers, clothes, the list goes on. Target is my fave!
  75. I get all my baby supplies and household cleaners there
  76. Tom Bellamy says
    Groceries re what I usually shop for at Target.
  77. Susan Smith says
    I usually shop for makeup and clothes
  78. I will usually pick up make up and hair care products from Target.
  79. i buy makeup
  80. Lauren Olivia Wood says
    I buy kitchen items at Target!
  81. I get groceries and clothes from Target
  82. I usually shop for health and beauty items at Target..and pet items too.
  83. I usually shop for clothes and shoes!
  84. I usually buy my son's clothes at Target.
  85. I shop for almost everything at Target, there are some food items and pet supplies I get elsewhere but Target is my go-to store. I love finding great deals on clearance in every department.
  86. I shop for home decor at Target.
  87. Wes Hovorka says
    I usually shop for clothes or appliances.
  88. I shop for groceries and household products
  89. We shop for almost everything at Target, but especially paper products
  90. I liek to shop for my daughters clothes and other accessories ..
  91. Kyle Harrington says
    I usually shop for papyrus cards
  92. Eugenia Hall says
    groceries, gifts, housewares, pharmacy items, you name it really
  93. I shop for almost everythign at Target! I have been shopping at Target since I was a kid.
  94. I shop for groceries and household necessities, like Band-Aids, diapers
  95. Sarah Hall says
    I shop for gifts and greeting cards especially. They have some of the funniest ones there that my friends love. I also get groceries.
  96. I shop for kids clothes and home decor at target
  97. I usually shop for groceries at Target.
  98. clothes food and cleaning supplies
  99. I shop for home decor, bed linens, food and more at Target.
  100. I like to shop their books, groceries, kitchen and housewares departments.
  101. Brenda McCracken says
    I usually shop for clothing and seasonal items at my Target. I don't use their pharmacy because my local Walgreens is within walking distance and is open 24/7.
  102. We shop for everything at out Target now that they added the grocery section.
  103. Brandi Kerr says
    Household items
  104. I usually shop the clothing, home goods, and toys at Target.
  105. I usually shop at target for body wash , laundry soap, toilet paper, and clothes, Thank you!
  106. Toys and clothes
  107. Carolyn Daley says
    I usually shop for groceries (milk, water, bread, fruit) and toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste).
  108. I like their home decor and pet supplies.
  109. I shop for groceries and household supplies.
  110. I usually shop for clothing and shoes at Target. Thanks.
  111. Amanda Sakovitz says
    I shop for food and beauty products at Target. Thank you for the chance!
  112. Kathy Pease says
    I usually shop online for dvds
  113. Rebecca E. says
    I shop for clothes and shoes for my children. I also really like their home goods.
  114. Desiree Dunbar says
    I shop for clothing, home décor, and cleaning products mostly.
  115. Samantha Daleo says
    I like to shop at Target for school/office supplies and my pets food/treats. Also cleaning supplies.
  116. I think they have a decent selection on the things I need and I like that you can double up on Target coupons & Mfg. coupons
  117. Eiji Matthews says
    I go to Target for shampoo and conditioner. Also for some home decor items.
  118. I shop for clothes, shoes, cleaning items, diapers, etc.
  119. chickie brewer says
    I usually buy food at Target. Although sometimes I buy their puzzle book.s
  120. Kathleen Hand says
    I usually shop for kids bday presents and deals that cartwheel and the text coupons show me
  121. Kids clothes for the kiddo and they have a great price on things like Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine products.
  122. Corinne Bozeman says
    Target is great for grabbing dinner and anything else I need in a hurry.
  123. Jennifer Reed says
    One category that I usually shop for at Target is boys clothing and shoes. They have a great selection at reasonable prices.
  124. i usually buy clothes or groceries and thats about it!
  125. I shop Target for allergy medications. They have the best prices in town!
  126. I buy clothes food, shoes just different things at target
  127. I like their snack selection!
  128. I like to browse the clearance before stocking up on groceries!
  129. Peggy Rydzewski says
    I always stock up on my paper product at target when they are on sale.
  130. I get baby items, groceries, and clothes.
  131. Tom Bellamy says
    I usually shop for food at Target.
  132. Jessica Ingram says
    Clothes! I love their clothes :D
  133. Ashley Tucker says
    I usually shop for home decor, clothes and shoes at Target.
  134. I usually shop for groceries, paper goods, laundry detergent and clothing.
  135. samantha lawson says
    I usually buy my cosmetics and body care at target.
  136. Cryssie Cherry says
    Oh boy, what do I USUALLY shop for? Usually it's a specific item, like a swimsuit or sunglasses, but I usually end up buying kid's clothes, candles, groceries, movies or toys...
  137. RICHARD HICKS says
    I buy a lot of clothing at Target
  138. I always buy my beauty & household items at Target.
  139. Derk Thomas says
    Health and beauty products are my go to Target items.
  140. Terry Cross says
    I shop for clothes
  141. I usually shop for cleaning products and tshirts for the hubby.
  142. Jennifer Matt says
    I shop Target for clothes and household items.
  143. dolores.sternenberg says
    yes send it here
  144. Charlene S. says
    I shop for groceries & household items mostly :)
  145. I love shopping for baby clothes and makeup at Target.
  146. amy deeter says
    clothing for the family for sure
  147. I get groceries and beauty products at target.
  148. vivian blevins says
    usually food.
  149. I usually buy toiletries.
  150. Groceries mostly.
  151. Corey Olomon says
    Clothes mostly.
  152. Thomas Murphy says
    I buy clothes, food, and household items at Target.
  153. yana ryjova says
    I always buy things with coupons at target, whatever is on sale that week. It makes everything so much cheaper!
  154. Barbara Long says
    I usually shop for household items, food and seasonal
  155. I shop for everything at Target! I love Target. I often shop there for groceries, clothes, cleaning supplies, school supplies, and DVDs.
  156. I pretty much do a lot of my shopping at Target. I buy food, clothes, toys and household items & also pet food & beauty items also.
  157. I shop at Target for just about anything. Thanks for the contest.
  158. Lisa Fonseca says
    I usually shop for clearance items at Target, love the discounts!
  159. We usually shop for groceries
  160. Melissa O. says
    I go there for their kid's clothes
  161. Nicole Carter Weasley says
    I usually shop for birthday presents and electronics.
  162. Buddy Garrett says
    I usually shop Target for small appliances, dinnerware, household cleaning supplies and office supplies.
  163. Lu Ann Mahan says
    There isn't a Target where I live so when we go to Lubbock, I will get things that Wal-Mart was out of.
  164. Tiffani P. says
    I usually shop for shoes and clothes for my son at target. And I love shopping the dollar bins at Target!

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