How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

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We are finally moving into spring and that means people will begin traveling over spring break.  We are heading out ourselves next week and I am so ready to relax!  Everyone is chomping at the bit to get out of the house after the long winter.  Hopefully, you have managed to keep that ‘eat healthy and exercise’ resolution you made back in January but now you are faced with a challenge.  Vacation presents a whole new set of temptations and difficulties when it comes to healthy eating.  In order to avoid packing on the already shed pounds, you need to learn how to eat healthy on vacation.  Here are a few tips to help you avoid blowing your diet completely while you are traveling.

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How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

Going on vacation? In order to avoid packing on the pounds, you need to learn how to eat healthy on vacation. Here are a few tips for your next trip.

1.  Plan ahead:  Get online and research the area you will be traveling in.  Find nearby restaurants and look at their online menu.  See if the food they offer will fit with your dietary needs.  Everyone needs to splurge once in a while but you might want to avoid places that only offer batter fried foods!

2. Spend more for a hotel room with a kitchen: The best tip I have for how to eat healthy on vacation is to get a hotel room with a refrigerator, microwave or mini kitchen.  Hit the grocery store and pick up some fruit, granola bars, or trail mix.  That way if the munchies hit while you are in your room, you won’t be tempted to hit the vending machine at 11 PM.  You can also save a bit of money by eating a simple breakfast in your room rather than filling up on pastries at the buffet.

How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

3. Pack a big purse:  Hunger always seems to hit while we are wandering around museums or other tourist attractions.  Most of those places not only have very little healthy food, but it is also very expensive.  Save money and calories by bringing a large purse or backpack with you.  Throw in some snacks and bottled water for sudden snack cravings.

4. Share Your Meals:  Most restaurant meals are WAY too big.  Consider sharing your meal with your spouse or travel partner or even your child.  Some restaurants really do NOT like to do this, though, so you may want to ask the management before going if this is the way you would like to dine.

5.  Remember that ‘road food’ doesn’t have to mean ‘fattening food’:  There is nothing worse for your waistline than fried, greasy fast food.  Skip the burgers, fries, and shakes and choose something lighter instead.There are several healthier fast food options on the road if you look closely.  Choose a salad or fruit cup rather than fries and a burger.

Making healthier choices on the road will ensure that you come home still able to fit into your skinny jeans!

Share YOUR Tips on How to Eat Healthy on Vacation!

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  31. It can be so easy to reach for the burger especially when fast food is readily available but your right, opting for a salad is always a healthier alternative. Or sampling the local cuisine x

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