How to Care for Boots so They Last Longer

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Fall is almost here and I will soon be breaking out the jeans and boots.  I honestly can’t wait because I have a pair of boots that I absolutely LOVE and, well, they look ridiculous with shorts!  If you have a pair of boots that you really treasure, learn how to care for boots properly so that they last a really long time. A good pair of boots is NOT a cheap investment.  You don’t want to spend money on a pair that will fall apart in a year.  Buy high-quality boots and take good care of them and you will be wearing them for years to come!

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How to Care for Boots so They Last Longer

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How to Care for Boots so They Last Longer

I cannot stress enough that cheap boots are not worth your money.  Sure, it looks like a great deal in the beginning but within a few weeks, the inside liner is coming out, the heal is already chewed up, and the buckle is broken.  Don’t waste your time and money on cheap shoes!  Once you have a pair of high-quality boots, here are some tips to help you get many years worth of enjoyment out of them:

Protect boots from rain, snow, and spills:

Obviously, you don’t want to get your expensive boots wet.  Sure, you can choose not to wear them in the rain but what happens when it is clear first thing in the morning and rains on the way home?  Or if you go out to eat and your friend dumps her soda on them?  Protect them from stains with a protective spray like Kiwi Rain and Stain Protector.  Make sure you read the directions to ensure that the spray you choose is good for your type of boot. 

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Keep boots in shape with boot trees:

Instead of letting your tall boots just flop over in the closet, invest in a boot tree to help them retain their shape.  This will reduce the appearance of ‘wrinkles’ and creases in your boots when they are supposed to be smooth and sleek.

How to Care for Boots so They Last Longer

Keep an eye on your heels:

My husband has a very nice pair of cowboy boots that he wears regularly.  They were very expensive and he pampers them like a third child!  He takes them to be rehealed every few years.  It isn’t cheap but it is MUCH cheaper than buying a new pair of cowboy boots!  If you notice heal damage, take them to be fixed as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more damage is done to the shoe and the more it will cost to fix.

Add an additional rubber sole:

The best way to protect the base of your shoe is to add an additional rubber sole to the bottom.  Most shoe repair shops will do this for you and it shouldn’t cost too much.  You will extend the life of your boots quite a bit with an additional protective layer on them.

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Pamper them Regularly:

Just like we moisturize, exfoliate, and pamper our skin, so should we pamper our boots!  Here are a few regular treatments that you may want to invest in to extend the life of your boots:

  • Moisturize leather:  Invest in a good leather conditioning cream and use it regularly.
  • Salt Stain Remover:  Winter weather is harsh on boots.  Not just from rain and snow but from the salt used to prevent slick sidewalks.  Buy a salt stain remover for your boots to help removed discoloration due to salt.
  • Deodorize them regularly: Odors can build up in boots until they are seriously no longer pleasant to wear.  Invest in a good shoe deodorizer to prevent this problem.

How to Care for Boots so They Last Longer

Know your materials:

Make sure you know what type of material your boots are made of.  Suede boots need different types of care than leather boots do.  If you have suede boots, you may want to invest in a suede brush and suede eraser.  They will make caring for your boots much easier.

Wipe them down after each wear:

Knowing how to care for boots doesn’t help if you don’t pamper them regularly.  After each use, make sure you wipe them down with a shoe cleaning cloth.  If you don’t wear your boots regularly, you can store them in a boot bag to prevent dust buildup.  Get started on organizing the closet so you aren’t throwing your shoes on top of one another.

Have any other boot care tips to share?

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  1. These are some great boot tips! I have a few new boots that cost a pretty penny and I want to be sure to take these tips to make sure I have the boots in great condition for years to come.
  2. Mistee Dawn says
    Thanks for the tips! I have a pair of boots I wear all the time, and I was so scared that they would need to be replaced soon!
  3. It's almost boots season! I can't wait!
  4. Desiree Lopez says
    I need to get a boot tree to store mine for the summer months. I was just looking at my boots and they are cracked in places where they folded over. Thanks for the idea!
  5. Those boots are super cute! I don't have any boots this nice. The only boots in my house are my big winter boots. =/

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