Gifts for Girls That She Will Actually Use

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When my daughter was younger, Christmas shopping was easy. Dolls, doll clothes, craft supplies, toys, more dolls and doll accessories were all abundant under the Christmas tree. As she has gotten older, we have had to make a few adjustments to our holiday shopping. As they get older, gifts for girls get harder to find!  I want Christmas morning to be fun for my daughter but I also don’t want to waste money on gifts that are not going to be used the whole year through.  By making smart choices for your daughter this holiday you will save yourself money while making beautiful Christmas memories your daughter will treasure..

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gifts for girls this holiday

Music and Dancing: 

My daughter is hugely into music, singing and dancing.  Gifts that focus on music are high on our wish list this year.  Whether you decide to put an iTunes gift card in their stocking or buy the newest Just Dance 4 video game, most tween girls will be happy with the gift of music this holiday. 

If you really want to splurge you can investigate a karaoke machine, iPod or some other high tech music gift but a good old fashion CD of the current Pop hits would also be a great gift.

Spa packages:

No, you do not have to splurge on a Spa Sydell gift card for your daughter. Put together a basket full of bubble bath, lotions, perfume, nail files, and other beauty products and she will feel like a princess!  For my daughter, she is at a tough age and doesn’t really want ‘kid’ products any more.

I try to find beauty products designed for women that still have a light and natural look and fragrance to them. The perfect gifts for girls when they are at that awkward tween age are the ones that make them feel mature!

How to Read More Books for Less Money

Books are the perfect gift: 

I try hard to make sure my daughter isn’t plugged in 24/7 and that means finding non electronic entertainment.  The best books are ones that introduce more grown up topics but still at an age appropriate levels.

My daughter loves to read about princesses with boyfriends and average girls who are sucked into portals into different dimensions.  Check out the Scholastic Books website to find age appropriate books for your tween girl.

Don’t give up on the toys: 

Sometimes the perfect gifts for girls are the ones that inspire them to be kids again.  Look for toys that are challenging and ones that encourage them to be creative.  Whether you choose Lego sets, craft kits, or a package of butterfly shrinkidinks,  find something fun for your daughter to play with on Christmas morning.

Clothing and accessories : 

You might think that clothes are too hard to buy for your daughter because she has gotten so picky but some clothing and accessories are easy to shop for.  Items like pajamas, bathrobes, fuzzy socks, and slippers don’t require knowing exact sizes or style preferences when you shop.  Choose items that comfortable and stylish but not too ‘little girly’ for tween girls.  

If you are looking for useful gift ideas for girls, whether it is for a birthday, graduation, or holiday gift, go with gifts you know will get used like the timeless favorites mentioned here!



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  1. Those slippers look nice and warm! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Those slippers look so comfortable!! I get books almost monthly so for me; I don't get too excited about them for Christmas. But if I wasn't such a book a holic buying them all the time; it would definitely make my day on Christmas Morning!! Clothes are also a big YES YES YES item on my list. As well as spa items! Especially if one was to get me a spa gift card!!
  3. They are so cute! Look cozy as well.
  4. great roundup! I like books for girls and fashion/clothes/accessories are always great too. Those cute slippers are perfect! I like that they're gray too - and not hot pink LOL
  5. Those slippers look so cozy and cute!
  6. Thanks for the great tips! Tween girls are so hard to buy for!

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