Common Family Legal Issues and How to Speak with a Lawyer FAST

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My husband and I recently updated our will.  Since it hadn’t been done for about 15 years, it was about time.  15 years ago, the kids were toddlers and we had far fewer assets so it was pretty easy.  This time, we got some will making software and spent a few days making lists of assets.  However, I found that I had legal questions and no one to ask them to! My son is 18… can he be both a beneficiary of the will AND the executor of the will at the same time?  I have no clue.  In fact, I have no clue about a lot of legal questions that run through my head.  How do I come up with a name for my business?  Do my husband and I really need a real estate lawyer when (or if) we can ever afford that cabin in the mountains we have always dreamed of?

If you live in Georgia, have legal questions, and need to speak to a lawyer fast, keep reading for more information about LegalSpark.  Their experienced local lawyers call you!  They offer 20 minutes of legal advice for a $50 flat fee, no subscription required!

Common Family Legal Issues and How to Speak with a Lawyer Fast

Common Family Legal Issues

There are a number of common family legal issues that you may encounter that require a lawyer.  Even if you lead a rather dull and uneventful life.  You don’t have to be some jet setting millionaire to encounter legal problems that you need advice to.  Here are just a few common legal issues that LegalSpark can help you with:

  • Family law issues.  Family law issues are one of the most common reasons that people contact a lawyer.  Family law includes everything from marriage and divorce to adoption and child support. None of these should be tackled without legal advice.  There are far too many opportunities for regrets.
  • Troubled teens.  While it would be great if all teenagers were the picture of perfection, that is rarely the case.  If your teen is caught smoking pot in the bathroom at school or speeding on the way to choir practice, you may need a lawyer to provide advice.
  • Estate Planning.  Even if you don’t have a million in the bank, make sure your estate documents are in order in case you and/or your spouse pass away or become incapable of making decisions on these matters.
  • Bankruptcy.  When you finally hit rock bottom financially, the whole family is affected.  Make sure you speak to a bankruptcy lawyer to help protect what few assets you have left.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons you may need a lawyer.  Real estate planning, business issues, or personal injury are some common legal issues that may need legal advice fast.


If you do need to speak with a lawyer for any of these things, do you know how to get legal advice quickly?  Using LegalSpark is one way to quickly connect with a local lawyer for only a small amount of money out of  pocket.

LegalSpark Legal Advice

How to Speak with a Lawyer FAST using LegalSpark

When you have legal issues that require professional advice, knowing who to call is challenging.  When you call, do you have to schedule an appointment to actually go into their office?  Who has time for that?  The experts at LegalSpark have a solution for Georgia residents.  They can get you professional legal advice quickly for only $50 for a 20 minute phone call.  Want to know how to speak with a lawyer FAST? Here is how it works.


  • Head over to the LegalSpark website and choose your legal advice area.  There are a dozen areas to choose from that you may be in need of including family legal issues, immigration, criminal defense, and many more.
  • Enter your contact information into their online form. This includes your phone number.
  • Choose your lawyer.  These are all local lawyers so if you DO need a followup, you can make an appointment to go see them.
  • Speak to someone immediately or schedule a phone call at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Submit your $50 payment
  • Use your 20 minutes of legal advice to get the information you need regarding your particular situation.


My LegalSpark Experience

Using the LegalSpark website was incredibly easy.  I followed the simple steps to submit my information and waited for a lawyer to call.  As stated in their FAQ, all information you submit is private and will never be disclosed.  That was definitely nice to see!

Before getting connected with a lawyer, I made a list of questions that I wanted to ask.  Since I only had a short amount of time, I wanted to be organized.  With questions in hand and a pen and paper handy, I just had to wait for a lawyer to accept my order and call me back. I chose the ‘first available lawyer’ option rather than schedule a specific appointment time.  You can see as soon as a lawyer accepts your project so you know when to expect your phone call.

The lawyer I spoke with was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions thoroughly.  I made sure to get his contact info in case I need to schedule an appointment for a followup meeting.

Knowing how to speak with a lawyer fast can really help if you find yourself with common family legal issues that need to be resolved.    LegalSpark is a great resource for trusted legal advice in Georgia. You get answers to your legal questions—fast. No strings attached!

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