Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn Helps You Save Money and Eat Healthier

Last Updated on October 22, 2019 by Diane Hoffmaster

I would like to know how I have grown into a relatively intelligent adult without knowing that you can make microwave popcorn using a brown paper bag.  Seriously…I am stunned!  The other day I stumbled across a post on Pinterest that showed how to make Italian Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn.  I admit, I was skeptical.  Surely, it wasn’t as easy to make this as Pinterest said, right?  WRONG!

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Making brown bag microwave popcorn will save you a ton of money and it is so much healthier!  Top your popcorn with homemade nacho seasoning and enjoy during your next family movie night.

Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn 5I always have popcorn kernels in my pantry.  I have a hot hair popcorn popper that I drag out periodically to indulge our popcorn needs.  I also buy the occasional box of microwave popcorn for the kids because heaven forbid they have to do anything other than push a button to make popcorn.

I try to buy the ‘natural’ varieties since those weird chemical things in there kind of scare me. But, no more wasting time or money on other popcorn popping methods.  I was thoroughly impressed with this brown paper bag microwave popcorn so I thought I would share how to do it.  Microwave cooking is quick and easy.  This recipe is so simple you don’t even need a recipe!

Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn 2

How to Make Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn

  • Take one brown paper lunch bag and open it up completely.
  • Place 3 TBSP popcorn kernels into it.
  • Seal tightly….VERY tightly!
  • Place with ‘puffy’ side of bag pointed UP in microwave.
  • Microwave on high 2 to 3 minutes.  LISTEN carefully.  As soon as the pops go more than a couple seconds between them, stop the microwave or you will burn it.
  • Dump into bowl and add toppings and seasonings.  I used olive oil, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, pepper and basil.

Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn 2

Now that I know how to make brown bag microwave popcorn at home I will be saving time and money indulging my popcorn habit!  Now, I just need to teach the kids how to do this and I will be all set!

Have you ever made brown bag microwave popcorn before?

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