Back to School Breakfast Suggestions and a Hamilton Beach Giveaway!

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My kids headed back to school a couple of weeks ago.  In preparation for our slightly more chaotic mornings I stocked up on several boxes of whole grain cereals to make sure they got a healthy breakfast before heading out for the day.  Of course, we are only 2 weeks into school and they are already sick of cereal!  I don’t get this, really.  I have always been a big fan of cereal and would happily eat it for breakfast, snacks and even dinner if I had the chance.  The kids, however, like a little bit more variety in their diet, apparently.  That is all well and good but now that they have gone back to school I don’t have an hour to make them something creative and clean up the mess involved in making it.  If you are looking for healthy back to school breakfast suggestions I thought I would share a few of the ideas that I came up with to get us out of the cereal rut.

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Back to School Breakfast Suggestions

hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker for back to school

1.  Pancakes:  Make a large batch of pancakes on the weekend and freeze the extras.  Put applesauce, blueberries or nuts in them for added nutrition.  Place parchment paper in between each pancake and then freeze in a zip to lock bag for use during the week.  Just pop in the toaster, toaster oven or microwave to reheat.

2.  Smoothies:  These do not have to be a lot of work.  Freeze fruit by laying it onto a cookie sheet until frozen and store in a zip to lock bag in your freezer.  When you want a smoothie, grab your blender…toss in a bunch of yogurt, frozen fruit and pour in some juice.  Blend on high until smooth.  Most blender containers can go right into the dishwasher. A smoothie like this is loaded with protein and fiber, just the thing to keep kids fueled up when they go back to school.

3. Crock pot oatmeal:  Put steel cut oats and water in your crockpot and turn it on low overnight.  When  you get up in the morning just throw in a handful of nuts and dried fruit along with a little bit of milk to cool it off.  Instant nutrition that is filling enough to keep them satisfied for a few hours.

4.  Breakfast casseroles:  The thing I love about breakfast casseroles is that many of them require that you make them up the night before and refrigerate which makes them perfect for those chaotic mornings when your kids go back to school.  Most of them contain some combination of eggs, bread, milk and cheese which gives your kids plenty of protein to sustain them until lunch period.  Toss it in the oven before you hit the shower and by the time you get your kids out of bed you will have a nice, warm breakfast waiting.  Add a glass of juice and some fresh fruit and you have a balanced meal for back to school success!

5. Breakfast Sandwiches:  Most people think breakfast sandwiches and they automatically think about fast food drive thrus but they can be very quick and easy to make at home with very little mess.  I received the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich maker to try out and it was incredibly fast and easy to use.

breakfast sandwich maker for back to school

The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is a convenient way to make your kids a nutritious home cooked breakfast in only 5 minutes.  I used whole wheat English Muffins, eggs from our friend’s chickens, Boars Head all natural Tuscan turkey breast and Cabot cheddar cheese.  The unit took only a few minutes to heat up and assembly was simple.  Half an English muffin on the bottom and top it with cheese.  The egg goes on the middle surface (sortof like a little trap door that is closed for cooking the egg but opens to ‘drop’ the egg onto the muffin). Then the rest of the ingredients and the top of the English muffin get placed on top.  Close the lid and in 5 minutes you have a homemade breakfast sandwich! Since my family likes their eggs totally cooked through I found that allowing the egg to cook until it was almost done before adding the turkey and top of the English muffin worked best.   When I added the muffin top and meat to the egg right away it wasn’t quite done all the way through when I took it out.

breakfast sandwich for back to school

Overall, I think the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is a quick and easy way to get a homemade breakfast into your kids that is both filling and nutritious.  You don’t have to stick to breakfasts, either!  You can make sandwiches with this unit for lunch and dinner…get creative with toppings and see what you can come up with!

The Giveaway

Hamilton Beach would like to give one of my readers a Breakfast Sandwich Maker so they can try it out on their own Back to School breakfast challenge.  This is a Giveaway Tools contest so follow the directions in the form to enter!


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