5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Mental Health Day

As a mom, I spend an awful lot of time taking care of others.  Whether it is sewing on a Girl Scout patch for my daughter, driving my son to tennis, or ironing my husband’s work shirts, every day is filled with chores that need to be done.  Some days, I get tired of taking care of everyone else…there are days I resent the dog merely for needing me to open the door so she can go potty!  It is at that point I start to ask myself “When is that last time you did something for YOU”?  If the answer is “I have no idea” then I know it is time to spend some time pampering ME!  It is probably time to improve my mental health with a vacation day!

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Everyone has their own ideas of what constitutes a mini vacation…some girls love to shop and decide to hit the mall.  Others are big on the mani/pedi experience and head to the spa.  ME?  I just want a book, a comfy chair and a cup or 2 of tea.  So, that was what I did yesterday afternoon.  After realizing that my constant exhaustion and lack of motivation was more psychological than physical, I downloaded a good book, grabbed my blanket and curled up in a chair for an afternoon of mindless reading!  Today, I am feeling much more relaxed and inspired although I admit that the 277 emails in my inbox today stressed me out just a bit!  So, if you have been feeling blah, stressed out, irritable and are starting to annoy others with your crankiness, maybe it is time YOU took a mental health day! WHY  you ask?  Here are just a few reasons to indulge:


1.  Decreases Stress  Whether your stress comes from an outside of the house job or chasing toddlers all day, it can take a toll on your physical and emotional well being. When momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, right?  High blood pressure, stomach upset, and ulcers can all be cause by stress.  The need to duct tape your kid to the wall for incessant whistling can also be caused by stress.  Duct taping children to walls is generally frowned upon as a parenting skill, unfortunately.


2.  Increases Productivity People who are stressed out all the time are not working to their greatest potential.  If you have 15 issues on your mind you will not be focused on the job at hand.  Take a day to clear your head and then deal with one issue at a time.  Increased productivity makes for a happier work environment and who knows, maybe your increased productivity and positive mental outlook will land you a raise!  You can take the extra money and spend it on more books for your next mental health day!


mental health

Take a Mental Health Day!


3.  Improve your sex life:  Honestly, if you have spent the entire day doing laundry and paying bills or sitting in a meeting and dealing with co-workers who can’t do their jobs properly are you really going to be in the mood when your significant other starts acting snuggly?  No.  You are probably going to nag at him for not taking the garbage out.  So, spend some time pampering your inner sex kitten with a bubble bath, romantic book and a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secrets.  Then, when you have sufficiently rocked his world you will still have enough energy to take the garbage out yourself.


4.  Strengthen your relationship with your kids:  I feel like I spend hours of each day nagging and yelling at  my kids.  They always seem to be doing something I DON’T want them to do or not doing something they SHOULD be doing.  By taking a day to improve my mental health, I gain patience that I have lost and then they can stop thinking mommy is going to snap any minute now.  Yes, they are still annoying but I have a higher tolerance when my mental health is stable!


5.  Improve your immunity:  Stress can really wreak havoc on the immune system.  By taking time off occasionally to recharge your mental batteries you will also be giving your immune system a boost as well.  Maybe next time your kid’s bring home that nasty stomach virus you will not end up praising the porcelain god right along with them!


Every year in October, the World Federation for Mental Health sponsors World Mental Health Day. The goal is to make people realize that improving a person’s mental health  benefits them in psychological, physical, and economic ways. Depression and anxiety are very real illnesses that no one should have to live with.  So, every once in a while, take a day to pamper yourself…even if it means calling in sick to work or begging grandma to take the kids for an afternoon.  Your mental health is worth it!


When is the last time YOU took a mental health day?


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  1. Maggie @ Snag A Bargain says
    I find it very important to have a mental day. Between work, life, family, and everything else, I feel it is important to every so often take a day for myself.
  2. I like that you added that taking a mental health day actually increases productivity. Some of us don't take time for ourselves because we "don't have time." Good post!
  3. I could use a mental health day but I never seem to take one. Maybe soon.
  4. Mental Health days can go a long way in making mommy a happier more productive mommy!!
  5. I think you have made some very valid points and we all should schedule these for ourselves.
  6. wonderful post, I could use a mental health day right about now. I tend to get so busy that I overlook things like this. I need to bookmark your post to help remind me :)
  7. I took my first 'mental health day' in middle school... and I credit my mom for knowing that sometimes you don't have to be physically sick to just need a break! I'm conscious of needing me time as a mom... I don't always get a whole day but I do try to get a night out or lunch with a friend to decompress... sometimes it's just a quick 20 minute trip to the grocery store by myself!
  8. I know I definitely need a mental health day!
  9. I too nee a mental health day! Stopping by from Pitch it to me. Minta
  10. Took my yearly mental health day with Heather and Jenni on Monday! Mani pedis, lunch, thrift shopping and dessert... Ahhhh! Someday you have to join us!!!

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