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When my husband and I got married, we were pretty much poor starving graduate students.  Our furniture was a miss matched collection of whatever I found at yard sales and none of our dinner dishes matched.  We were lucky if we could find a dish in the cabinet that didn’t have a crack in it, much less anything that was stylish and attractive.  When we set up our wedding registry we had our eyes on things that were practical.  Salt and pepper shakers may seem boring but I was excited to finally have a matching set.  If I knew THEN what I know NOW I would have planned my wedding registry totally differently!  Who cares about matching salt and pepper shakers when what really makes a marriage is the adventures you have with your spouse!

Plan an Adventurous wedding registry

After almost 20 years of marriage I can tell you straight up that what has drawn my husband and I closer to one another is not matching salt and pepper shakers but spending time together doing things that we enjoy.  Adventures together make memories that will last a lifetime but they also bring you closer together.  And if you don’t commit to some quality, adventurous time together your marriage won’t be anywhere near as much fun as it could be!

motorcycleLet your wedding registry take you places!

My husband and I’s favorite trips have always been our motorcycle adventures up into the mountains.  Living in Atlanta can be fun at time but riding our bike in city traffic is NOT enjoyable!   Taking the motorcycle up into the mountains of North Georgia gives us time away from work, kids, and the stresses of life so that we can spend time reconnecting with each other.  On the last few trips we have gone on we pack hiking gear on the back of the motorcycle and spend time hiking as well as biking.  Getting off the beaten path and onto a remote hiking trail is a great way to spend quality time with your significant other.  I really think our marriage is stronger because of those trips and while we don’t get away as much as I would like to we try and plan a motorcycle adventure as often as we can!

target wedding

Had we known 20 years ago where our marriage would be taking us I would have planned our wedding registry to include things like the Canon EOS Rebel T5I !  What better way to capture those adventurous moments but with a nice digital camera?  Definitely a much more exciting wedding registry addition than matching salt and pepper shakers!

If you are designing your wedding registry in the coming months I highly recommend you plan for adventure!  Think about taking your marriage off the beaten track….plan for a trip into the wild and not just dinner parties!  Or at least consider taking your dinner outside once in a while.  Putting the Picnic Time XL Blanket Tote on your Target Wedding registry will encourage you to dine under the stars once in a while!  No matching salt and pepper shakers needed!

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  1. Lisa Brown says:
    no, no adventures for us right now.
  2. we went camping this summer.
  3. We haven't had any adventures lately.
  4. Julie Wood says:
    We went on a trip to California and it was a lot of fun!
  5. steven weber says:
    We took a 5 day camping trip to Noblesville, IN and then went to see Dave Matthews Band.
  6. We went to California together to visit our daughter and did lots of fun activities!
  7. Amanda Sakovitz says:
    no but ive gone on fun adventures with my friends
  8. tammy shelton says:
    No, can't say that I have. I'm flying solo.
  9. No I haven't. :(
  10. courtney b says:
    we went to the circus which was super fun !:) loved it.. that's about it!
  11. I have not yet.
  12. shelly peterson says:
    Sadly no significant other or any adventures.
  13. We went camping this summer.
  14. We went ziplining and scuba diving in Jamaica this summer.
  15. A wonderful road trip.
  16. Glamping to Yosemite
  17. No, we have not.
  18. Susan Christy says:
    Not lately! :(
  19. Thomas Murphy says:
    I went on a camping trip with my GF that was fun.
  20. We went to alaska!

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