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Some days I look at my 12 year old daughter and wonder how in the world I was lucky enough to be blessed with such an amazing child.  From the time she was young she somehow managed to strike a balance between “down to earth” and “creatively dreamy”.  She is the girl who would go camping with her brother’s Boy Scout pack and catch frogs…then come home and paint her nails.  She was always the first one to the top of the mountain trail….even if she was carrying her baby doll in a tiny sling over her shoulder.  She can master the frilly skirt look but is just as comfortable in jeans and hiking boots.  That’s my kid!  She has confidence, style and a take charge attitude and I really believe that one day she will rule the world…probably with a couple of kids right by her side!

Teen Fashion with JCPenney

Teen Fashion at JCPenney for Back to School

When it comes to clothes, my daughter is obsessed with teen fashion!  What girl her age isn’t, right?  She wants a lot of clothes in many different styles and colors.  It’s sometimes hard to find a realistic balance between what she wants, what she really NEEDS, and what we can afford.  While I want her to have a full closet to choose from, I also don’t want to be paying off credit card debt til I’m 70!  If left to her own devices I’m pretty sure she would have a new outfit for every day of the school year so there’s some compromising that has to be done before we shop. Hip teen fashion isn’t usually cheap! Thankfully, JCPenney was on our back to school shopping list so we managed to get quite a few things she wanted without breaking the bank!  As soon as we got to JCPenney we went right for the juniors section. She was in seventh heaven over getting the chance to do some shopping!

Fashion for teens

During the school week the girl would happily live in a pair of jeans.  But, not just any old pair of jean!  Oh, NO!  She likes them hip and stylish, with a trendy top and usually something sparkly decorating her hair.  Matching nails are, of course, a must!  Her personal style seems to shout ‘stylishly rugged’ and we found a great selection of clothes for her on our trip to JCPenney.

Teen clothing stores

I was really impressed with the teen fashion selection at JCPenney.  We had NO trouble finding jeans that fit and considering how picky she is about her jeans I think that says a lot!  I was also impressed that almost all of the jeans that we tried on were on sale!  There was a nice selection of tops to choose from and tons of tank tops to match.  My daughter is all about matching tank tops.  They work great to add a pop of color to your outfit.  They are also really nice to have in the closet when your 12 year old is as tall as you are and many tops seem to be not QUITE long enough on her.  Inexpensive tank tops in a wide variety of colors are a great way to add fashion AND function to your child’s wardrobe!

back to school shopping

Of course, we couldn’t leave JCPenney without a stop at the ‘accessories’ section!  My daughter does love her accessories!  Head bands in an assortment of color were added to our growing pile and will let her add a bit of flair to her outfit.   They will also keep her hair out of her face while she plays flute in the school band.  Trendy yet functional…headbands are a great addition to the back to school wardrobe!  It’s a good thing we picked up quite a few!

Trendy teen fashion

If you are looking for a selection of clothes that will let your child find a balance between fashion and function I really think you should check out the selection at JCPenney.  We were quite happy with both the variety and price and will definitely be back there again soon!  Teen fashion changes quickly…not to mention how fast that girl is growing up!  There is plenty of shopping in our future, I guarantee!

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