Want to Buy a MacBook Online? Here are a few tips!

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My house has always been a PC home.  We have multiple desktops and laptops and every one of them is some sort of PC.  However, in the last few years, my daughter and husband have gotten seriously interested in art, photography, and music.  They are starting to make a bit of noise about my computer choices.  They insist that an Apple computer is better for video production, photo editing, and music creation.  While I am not quite ready to give up my PC, I am considering becoming a mixed Apple/PC home.  I am looking around at options and prices and think I may buy a MacBook online when we finally decide to buy an Apple.  Of course, buying a computer online is a little bit more complicated than buying shoes online, right? And since I really don’t want to spend a ton of money, I am looking at Swappa for a ‘newish’ MacBook computer.

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How to Buy a MacBook Online

Why Buy a MacBook Online at Swappa?

If you have never heard of Swappa, they are a safe, user-to-user marketplace for buying and selling newish tech. What do I mean by newish?  It’s called that because the gently used products sold on Swappa must be fully-functional and are held to a higher standard than other marketplaces. There are plenty of sites for buying used computers but what exactly are you getting? Unlike Craigslist and eBay, every listing for sale on Swappa is manually reviewed by their group of tech experts to ensure you receive your item in the condition you expect. If you want to buy a MacBook online and can’t afford brand new, Swappa can give you peace of mind that your ‘used’ tech is in tip-top shape!

MacBook Computer

Why Buy a Used MacBook?

The main reason to buy a used MacBook is to save money. If I won the lottery, I would have the newest, most expensive computer on the market.  But, I am working with a limited amount of money since I have two teens heading off to college soon.  With Swappa, you can reap the benefits of Apple’s forward-thinking design with a much lower price tag.  

Of course, you want a quality computer, even if you are working on a limited budget.  Notebooks like the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have a reputation for quality and performance over an extended period of time.  Swappa has a selection of newish MacBooks, starting at $375.  You can see their full selection of newish MacBooks here  but some examples of their current offerings include:

  • Air: $999.00 (new) – starting around $375 
  • MacBook: New $1,299.00 (new) – starting around $675  
  • Pro: $1,900.00 (new) – starting around $500  

Another benefit to buying on Swappa is that purchases are completed through PayPal. This gives you extensive buyer protections while keeping checkout simple. PayPal keeps your financial information safe and ensures you get what you pay for, or a refund. 

Computer in the Environment

Protect the Environment with Second Hand Tech

Buying a used laptop computer is not only cheaper, it’s also better for the environment.  I am always a fan of things that reduce your carbon footprint!  According to Apple, over 80% of the carbon emissions of your electronics occurs during the manufacturing process.  That means, buying a used computer helps reduce carbon emissions!  You also help keep one more piece of technology out of the waste cycle by giving it a new home.  You can feel good about helping the environment when you buy a MacBook online at Swappa from its previous owner!

MacBook Computer

What else can you buy at Swappa.com?

Swappa.com doesn’t just have used MacBooks.  They have TONS of other types of technology.  The Swappa marketplace includes phones, tablets, home tech products and gaming devices. You can keep your family stocked with the all latest tech at much better prices!  Once you have your technology purchase home, don’t forget to keep up to date on basic computer maintenance tips and back up your computer to protect your files.  A properly cared for computer will last a long time!

For more details on buying a MacBook through Swappa, check out their post  
Why Your Family Will Love a Used MacBook From Swappa.  Or, check out their tips for buying a MacBook through Swappa in their Essential Guide to Buying a Used MacBook.

Will you buy a used MacBook online at Swappa?


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