Captain Marvel Steelbooks for Movie Collectors!

This post about Captain Marvel Steelbooks for Movie Collectors is sponsored by Best Buy.  All opinions are my own. When you have a family as obsessed with superheroes as mine is, you see a LOT of Captain Marvel movies.  Over the last ten years, my kids have gone from elementary school to college but have never lost their love of Marvel Comics, vigilantes, and superheros.  We saw the new Captain Marvel movie when it was in theaters, but if you missed it, you can now snag the Captain Marvel Steelbook version from Best Buy for … [Read more...]

Daddy’s Home Movie: Who Wins the Cool Dad Award?

When my kids were little, I stayed at home with them. All day. EVERY day. I spent hours cooking for them, cleaning up after them and trying to convince them to wear pants.  Some days I was successful.  Other days, it was just too much to hope for.  No matter how much time I spent with them, all I heard was 'When is daddy getting home?' Really kid?  What is mom, chopped liver?  But, of course, dad is FUN.  Sure, he's a responsible guy and works a steady job.  But when he gets home, his job is to play with the kids.  When I first saw the trailer … [Read more...]

A Royal Night Out Movie Trailer: A Glorious Evening in the Lives of Two Real-life Princesses

A Royal Night Out Movie Trailer post has been sponsored, but all opinions are my own. As the mother of two teenagers, I have learned a few key things about them.  Teenagers know everything about every subject known to man and YOU, my dear parent, are rarely right.  They want to experience life to it's fullest but don't quite have the best judgment to deal with everything life throws at them.  These traits are not unique to my own teenagers.  Teens from the beginning of time have been itching to explore the world, grab life by the horns and … [Read more...]