Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

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The holidays are here and boy did they sneak up on me!  We have been busy with college applications and SAT classes and visiting the schools on my son’s wish list.  Then, I blinked and it was almost Christmas!  Where did the time go? Now, I need to find time to shop, cook, help my son with scholarship applications AND get the house looking slightly festive for the holidays.  Add a full-time job and I am a bit pressed for time this month.

Luckily, the At Home store is a one-stop shop for my holiday decorating needs and it works very well on my ‘saving for college’ budget! I thought I would share my simple holiday decorating experience with you in case you were looking for inspiration this month!  Check out my post about adding texture to your home and then head over to At Home for some holiday decor!

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

Decorating the Entryway

We have a small entryway in the front of the house as you walk in the front door.  Some people call it a foyer.  Personally, I think that word is way too fancy for what it is!  Basically, a small place to greet your guests as they enter your home.  It is the first thing that people see as they enter my home and it is rather boring most days.  Does a tennis bag count as a decoration?

At Home Christmas Decor

Not the most attractive looking entryway, especially for the holidays, right?  Well, I decided to head over to the At Home store and see what sort of inspiration I could find to spruce up the area for the holidays.

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

Add a Splash of Color

The simplest thing to do in that area is to put down a new rug.  There was a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from and I love the one I found.  The At Home store has both indoor and outdoor rugs in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

Decorate with Scents

See that metal tin?  I just could not resist that purchase and I filled it with cinnamon scented pine cones so that the entryway smells absolutely amazing!  Let me give you a little tip:  Fill the bottom of the tin with some sort of filler.  I used plastic grocery bags but you could use packing peanuts or whatever else you have laying around.  That way, you only need to buy one bag of the scented pinecones and no one will notice that half the container is not actually pinecones!  Now my entryway looks pretty AND smells delicious!

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

Seasonal Mood Lighting

Our entryway is a bit dark, no matter how many lights I turn on.  We have a lot of trees in the front of our house and they block a lot of the sunlight.  I wanted a bit of seasonal mood lighting and found this beautiful light up entryway tree.  It can be used inside or on an outdoor covered porch.  I love that it is preassembled and all I did was adjust the limb arrangement. A lit Christmas tree is an amazing way to add a bit of holiday spirit into your entryway!

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

Tinsel, Tinsel Everywhere!

I love bright colors and have used tinsel to decorating the banister in the past.  There were many other sorts of garlands along with the tinsel at the At Home store.  I chose a red and white variety of garland but they had many colors and styles to choose from.  The tinsel and garland give the banister a bright and cheery look and it took only a few minutes to wrap it up like this.

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

Simple Holiday Decorating with At Home Stores

At Home was a great one-stop shopping choice for my holiday decorating needs.  They have so many items to choose from, whether you are just buying a few new items or need a complete overhaul of your holiday decorations.  If you are shopping on a holiday budget, they are competitively priced and I was very happy with the final results!

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Have any other simple holiday decorating ideas to share?



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  1. This reminds me we needs to add some color to our entry way and I am loving that rug and decor. Thanks for the suggestion on where to find it all.
  2. I love pretty, smelly things. At Home is a fantastic store. One of my favorite places to go for home decorating.
  3. Desiree Lopez says
    I could go crazy buying things with At Home stores. Your entryway looks amazing! I love the rug.
  4. Your entryway looks awesome! I love that you use products with nice scents to give your house that Christmassy smell!

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