Questions to Ask a House Cleaner Before Hiring Them

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Things have gotten a bit chaotic this summer which means all non essential chores have gotten pushed to the bottom of my to do list.  If it grosses me out (dirty toilets!) it gets done.  If it is merely annoying (dusty shelves) it gets ignored.  As a result, I have gotten behind on a lot of the major cleaning as I drive my kid 3 hours away to band camp and spend a few days visiting with family. When I was approached by Hux house cleaning service in Atlanta to work together on a post, I thought it was absolutely perfect timing! If you are planning on hiring a house cleaner soon (can we say HOLIDAYS??), here are a few questions to ask a house cleaner before you hire them.

 Questions to ask a house cleaner before you hire them!

Questions to Ask a House Cleaner

Can you provide references:  In order to really understand the quality and reliability of a potential house cleaner, you need reviews of their work.  Do they show up on time?  Do they do a quality cleaning or is their work sort of sloppy?  If others are happy with their work, chances are that you will be, too.

How long have you been cleaning homes?  The longer you do a job, the more likely it is that you are good at it!  While there are certainly exceptions, experience is often a great teacher.  How many homes have they cleaned?  If house cleaning is just an occasional gig, that house cleaner may lack experience or dedication to their work.

Do you bring your own cleaning products and vacuum or do I need to provide that? This is one of the most important questions to ask a house cleaner before you hire them.  If you have to provide your own cleaning products, the cost of your house cleaning service will be higher when you factor that in.  If they provide their own supplies, that saves you money at the grocery store.

How much will you charge?  This is very important and will vary widely from one house cleaner to another.  They may need to come to your house to do a walk-through before they can give you an estimate.  You may get different estimates from different people.  House cleaning services vary greatly in price, depending on the individual and the size of the home.

Are you insured?  This may seem like an odd question to ask a house cleaner but it is very important to know.  What happens if they hurt themselves while working?  Is that covered by home owners insurance?  What happens if they break something? It is important to know if your house cleaner is insured.

How clean is clean?  When wondering what questions to ask a house cleaner, the first one should be “How clean will you get my home?”  Do they only do basic maintenance?  Are they scrubbing floors and washing windows?  Let your house cleaner know exactly what YOU want done and let them give you a price for that amount of work.  It would be a shame if you wanted a deep clean and all they did was straighten things up a bit.

When are you available?  Scheduling a house cleaning service can be tricky.  You have to work about your schedule AND that of your house cleaner.  It may take some back and forth before you can figure out a time that works for both of you.

Questions to ask a house cleaner

Hux House Cleaning Service in Atlanta

Okay, so let me just say that I have never in my life used a house cleaning service before but the Hux website was very user-friendly and the service was absolutely superb.  To follow up with a few of the questions to ask a house cleaner mentioned above here is what Hux house cleaning services offers to make your life easier.

Questions to ask a house cleaner before you hire them

  • Hux offers review ratings and comments for the house cleaners that they work with.  You will be able to read comments from previous employers about their reliability and work ethic. Only 6% of applicants pass their rigorous screening process so you can be confident Hux has the best house cleaners in your area.
  • Each Hux house cleaner has information in their profile to tell you exactly how many years they have been cleaning homes for and how many houses they have cleaned during that time.  You will be able to see how experienced your house cleaner is right away.
  • Hux cleaning services employees all provide their own supplies so you can rest assured that everything will be on hand for your next cleaning without running out to Target for sponges and paper towels.
  • HUX makes pricing incredibly easy because this website is basically a bidding system designed for house cleaners. You can choose a house cleaner based on price if that is the most important concern.  You just enter a few details online and see the total price for each provider in your area. You pay securely online and are only charged after your service is completed.  Of course, you should tip your house cleaner!  I am a huge supporter of tipping for good service! I love that Hux cuts out the middlemen so the providers themselves make most of the money.
  • All Hux providers are bonded, insured, background checked and interviewed in person.
  • Scheduling is easy! No more back and forth scheduling appointments. See available times for a selection of providers and book online. And if you love your service, hiring that same house cleaner over and over again is simple!

 Questions to ask a house cleaner before you hire them

My House Cleaning Service Experience:

Let me just say that I loved the house cleaner I chose through Hux.  He was prompt (yes HE!) and polite.  He had several years worth of experience and a TON of happy customers in his profile.  He was efficient, quiet and very thorough.  I don’t think this house has been this clean since I bought it!  He moved small pieces of furniture to vacuum under them, scrubbed floors and windows and when he was done, the house practically sparkled.  I think he vacuumed up two years worth of dog hair from around the dog crate and even the ring around the inside of the toilet is gone.  Seriously.  I need my  mom to come visit right now so she sees how clean my house is!

If you live in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend Hux house cleaning services.  I am pretty sure my house will need a major cleaning again before the holidays roll around!

Will you be hiring a house cleaner any time soon?

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  1. There are times that I've wanted to hire a house cleaner, but we couldn't afford it. These are good questions to ask should we ever decide to get a house cleaner.
  2. Omg, I love all these hubs that are being created to search for things like this (weather your the cleaner or the one who wants cleaning done) easier! I've got 5 kids so i dont need any more house cleaners lol but this is greadt.
  3. I would love a cleaning service!! What an amazing service Hux provides, I love that you can read about them before contacting the housecleaner as well.
  4. You know I have thought about hiring a house cleaner, but never really was sure of how to go about it. These tips will really help me to know what to ask and decide if I want to do this option!

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