Professional Family Holiday Photos for a Simple and Memorable Season

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Over the years, I have taken a lot of really bad photos of my family.  While they are amusing to look at, I don’t want to send them to family and friends on my holiday card!  I love looking back on the professional family holiday photos that I have had done.  The lighting is right and they are in focus.  The backgrounds are pretty and some of the special effects are truly beautiful.  When I was contacted by Portrait Innovations to share their recent holiday special with you, I was happy to help them out.  We have been to their studio many times over the years and have always been incredibly happy with the results.  Don’t forget to think about preserving your family photos once you get them!  You don’t want to lose them after you put some much work into them!

Professional Family Holiday Photos for a Simple and Memorable Season

Styling your Professional Family Holiday Photos

While we are not the most style-savvy family, I try to put in a good effort when it comes to choosing outfits for family photos. Here are a few tips that might help.

  • Don’t match, complement:  You don’t have to have the same exact dress for your two girls.  Buy complimenting colors or styles instead for a unique look.
  • Mix different shades of the same color:  Pair dark blue with light blue or black, grey and white together.
  • Style differently every year: Did you do something really formal last year?  Switch it up and go with jeans and holiday sweaters this year!
  • Listen to your children’s feedback:  Forcing them into an outfit they hate is just going to cause massive stress.  Let them share opinions with you on the outfit choices.

Professional Family Holiday Photos for a Simple and Memorable Season

Professional Family Holiday Photos with Portrait Innovations

We had a wonderful experience with Portrait Innovations this year.  The staff was professional and the waiting area was comfy.  They took close to 70 different photos so we had a TON of poses to choose from for our prints.  I love that we got every single one of those photos on a disk so we have a digital copy of all of them.  They arranged the photos into some beautiful sets that we printed out in a 10 by 13-inch size to put on our mantel.

Professional Family Holiday Photos for a Simple and Memorable Season

One Photo Session, Many Purposes!

I love that Portrait Innovations offered both holiday AND traditional solid backgrounds.  My son is graduating from high school this year and his school offered graduation photos.  Well, they came out HORRIBLE.  He was so stiff and clearly uncomfortable in them.  I love the photo that Portrait Innovations took of him on the black background.  That will definitely be going on his graduation cards this May! I specifically went with a color scheme that would work for a non-Christmas photo this year for that very purpose.

Professional Family Holiday Photos for a Simple and Memorable Season

Capture the Memories While You Can!

My kids are teens now.  My son is heading off to college next fall.  In a few years, they will have their own lives and may move halfway across the country like I did.  I want to capture every single moment with them while I can.  And I love sending their photos to friends and family members who we don’t see very often.

If you want to capture your own memories this holiday season, Portrait Innovations can help!

Professional Family Holiday Photos for a Simple and Memorable Season


Portrait Innovations Photo Studio

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  1. I was able to see what the new Christmas background is!
  2. They have a great black Friday sale
  3. I learned that you can get 42 portraits for $14.99.
  4. they have maternity sessions too
  5. There is a studio about 45 minutes away from me. I can't wait to make my first appointment. Our local person, that used to take our family pictures, quit taking pictures, and we had no where to go.
  6. i love that they do maternity sessions
  7. I learned that they are having a Holiday Portrait Special.

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