PlateJoy Meal Planning Makes Eating Healthy Easier

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Healthy eating isn’t always easy or affordable.  Planning healthy meals usually requires cooking from scratch with fresh, wholesome ingredients.  And that takes more time and money than using most prepackaged products on the grocery store shelf.  However, there are ways to make eating healthier easy and a bit more frugal.  If you want to eat healthy on a smaller budget, I thought I would share my experience with the PlateJoy meal planning system!

PlateJoy Meal Planning Makes Eating Healthy Easier

What is the PlateJoy Meal Planning System?

PlateJoy is a meal planning website that makes cooking easier and more affordable. This service helps people create a meal plan and get healthy ingredients delivered right to their door.  You fill out your family’s information regarding dietary needs, food preferences, time available for cooking, etc.  It is a very detailed survey so they get your food needs completely understood. Then, you choose recipes that sound good to you.  They’re all prepared with fresh, healthy ingredients and they try to avoid having you waste excess food whenever possible.

PlateJoy creates a shopping list for you based on what you tell them you already have in your pantry.  Then, you can either shop in store yourself, or have items delivered by a local grocery service near your home.  You can print out your recipes or just open them on your phone while you cook.

PlateJoy is not really your average meal delivery service. It is more of  a personal meal planner  and organizer.  It makes recipe searching easier and makes sure your grocery list is organized.

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Platejoy recipes

Healthy PlateJoy Recipes in Minutes!

I was honestly very impressed with the PlateJoy recipes that this meal planning program came up with for me.  They combined a few ingredients into many different recipes to help minimize waste and save money.  Also, I loved that you could choose how much time you wanted to spend cooking and that you could also choose how many of each meal you wanted during the week.  We are snackers in my house so I chose a whole bunch of snack recipes along with meals.  You can see the healthy breakfast recipes in the photo above.  Don’t they look delicious?

There is a great option that lets you choose make ahead meals as well.  So, on busy days, you can choose PlateJoy recipes that go right into your slow cooker.  And if you don’t have time to cook at all a few nights?  Let PlateJoy know that you want meals that provide leftovers.  Your PlateJoy menu will adjust accordingly and you will have a few nights where you don’t cook at all.


How Did I Like My PlateJoy Menu?

Okay, so, I set up PlateJoy meal planning system to help me create a healthy menu for my family.  I filled out all the questions regarding dietary needs and cooking preferences.  After I got back my list of PlateJoy recipes, I was really impressed with what they came up with.  I didn’t like ALL the recipes, of course.  So, I went through my PlateJoy menu and deleted the ones I knew my family wouldn’t really enjoy.  And then the meal planning site just filled in extras as needed.  PlateJoy meal planning was incredibly easy!

Once the PlateJoy menu was finished and I was happy with it, I clicked on the ‘shopping list’ tab and everything was right there and organized for me to take to the store.  Of course, if I had wanted to have everything delivered, I could use Instacart which would save even more time.  I was very impressed and definitely encourage you to check it out if you are looking to eat healthier on a budget.

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