How to Make Homemade Lip Balm

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There are few things in this world that I believe are worth buying the best quality  possible.  One of those things is food and the other is lip balm.  I seriously think I have a lip balm addiction…you can find it in every room of my house.  I keep it in the car, in my purse and in my pants pockets. This is frequently a problem because I often end up throwing those pants in the laundry without taking the lip balm OUT.  Thankfully this hasn’t ruined any clothes yet!  If you are as much of a lip balm addict as I am, then learning how to make homemade lip balm will save you a small fortune.  Good lip balm really only contains a few ingredients.  You need things to moisturize and things to flavor and color it and then a base to solidify the whole thing.  The exact ingredients can be a bit flexible and a Google search on homemade lip balm will brings up an amazing variety of recipes.  The recipe and directions below are what I used to make my own homemade lip balm recently and is a good starting place for your own adventures.  Get creative with flavors and look around to see what sort of upcycled containers you can store it in.  Old mint tins, tiny jelly jars from the hotel, or whatever else you may find that is small and easy to seal.  You can make homemade lip balm as a gift for family and friends and buy pretty lip gloss jars from Amazon. The majority of the information I have found on Google suggests that this homemade lip balm is good for about 2 to 3 months at room temperature but not to let it get too warm or it will melt.

How to Make Homemade Lip Balm

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Base Ingredients:

2 TBSP Coconut oil

1 to 2 TBSP beeswax (use 1 TBSP for a softer gloss, 2 TBSP for a firm gloss that can be poured into lip gloss tubes)

1 TBSP shea butter

1/4 tsp Vitamin E oil

Suggested add ins:

You can use a number of things to add color and/or flavor to your gloss.  Some ideas include beet root powder (1/8 tsp) for a nice pink tint, one drop natural food coloring, 1 tsp cocoa powder, a few drops of essential oil, 1 tsp honey or even a small chunk of that almost gone lipstick in your makeup bag.  The possibilities are endless!  Just keep in mind that anything you add needs to be ‘edible’, food safe, non toxic, etc.  This is going on your lips and whatever goes on your lips will end up in your mouth!  Have fun playing with flavors and colors in your homemade lip balm! Add in things like edible glitter from the craft store to give it a pretty shimmer.

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1.  In a medium pot over low heat, bring a few inches of water to a simmer.

2.  Place all of your ingredients in a small glass jar with a loosely fitting lid.

homemade lip balm recipe

3. Place the jar into the warm water.  Swirl the contents occasionally to melt and mix.  Within about 10 minutes all ingredients should be well blended.

4. Using a small medicine dropper (ask at the pharmacy for one if you don’t have this), transfer the solution to small glass jars, a mint tin, or whatever else you are storing it in.  Or you can just try the old pouring method if you don’t mind a few drips here and there.

4. Let harden for an hour or two before using.

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 Easy Homemade Lip Balm

For my recipe I used the base ingredient list shown above and added 1 tube of Hansen’s all natural drink mix  (Strawberry Lemonade flavored) , a sprinkling of edible pink glitter from Michael’s, some strawberry flavor (the kind used for candy or frosting), and a small chunk of a lipstick I had in my makeup drawer.  This is a Strawberry Lemonade version for my daughter.  Next up is a batch for my son!  Who says only girls need soft lips, right?

 Have you ever made homemade lip balm?  Do you have any tips?

This homemade lip balm post contains affiliate links.  This means that if you click on the link and make a purchase I will receive a few pennies to contribute to my blogging adventure!


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  1. I love this idea and am thinking of making these for my daughter's bday party. Can you tell me where you got these little jars?
    • They are actually old jars that I bought Tiger Balm in! I clean them out in the dishwasher and save them. I could probably also find something on Amazon? Or use tiny mint containers. I know Altoids has a smallish sized tin now? Good luck. Hope you enjoy!

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