How to Grow Lilies Even Without a Green Thumb

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One of the biggest perks of learning how to grow lilies is getting a splash of color in your yard with very little work.  I am a huge fan of gardening but I usually do mostly food gardening.  I understand, however, that flowers play a vital role in the well-being of my vegetable garden.  Flowers attract pollinators and without those little guys I would have no squash come summer!  So, I plant an assortment of flowers that require very little attention. Planting perrenials and an assortment of bulbs gives me the beauty and pollinators that I want without a lot of effort on my part. A drive through my neiborhood will show you that I am not the only person who is a big fan of bulbs in their yard.  Just about every house on my street has a clump or two of lilies growing in the front yard.

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How to Grow Lilies Even Without a Green Thumb


Why learn how to grow lilies?

Lilies are a low maintenance flower that adds a splash of color to your yard.  Did you know that you can give lilies as a potted gift so that your friends and family can plant the bulbs and enjoy your gift for years?  Cut flowers just die a few days later, leaving them with nothing but a memory.  Lilies in a pot make a great gift because they can be replanted and enjoyed year after year.

Potted lilies make great gifts for women who want the beauty of flowers but don’t want to take care of them. They are a beautiful and modern gift for just about any occasion. Lilies also add a splash of color to any room so once your lilies are in full bloom in your yard you can cut them and put them in a vase of water to decorate your house.

How to Grow Lilies Even Without a Green Thumb

How to Grow Lilies Even Without a Green Thumb


Lilies are extremely easy to care for once you plant them in your yard so even those people without a ‘green thumb’ can successfully grow lilies.  Here are a few tips for growing lilies that might come in handy:

  • The best time to plant lily bulbs is either early spring or mid- to late fall.
  • Lilies prefer cool soil to root properly
  • Lilies prefer moist but well-drained soil.  Think damp but not wet.
  • Full sun is okay but partial shade is better to protect them from the heat of the day.
  • The perfect spot will have morning sun and afternoon shade
  • Ferns make a perfect companion plant.  Ferns have a very shallow, mat like root system which helps keep the bulbs cool
  • The best planting depth for bulbs is about three times the size of the bulb.
  • Add some bone meal to the planting hole for an initial boost of nutrition
  • Add compost and mulch after planting to help retain moisture and keep the bulbs cool.

If you are interested in growing lilies in your yard or want to give the gift of a potted lily to someone you can purchase potted bulbs at grocery stores, garden centers, and flower shops.  Print out these tips on how to grow lilies and give them to your gift recipient so they have great luck growing lilies in their own yard! Here are a few varieties that are popular if you want to start growing lilies.  I will include affiliate links on Amazon if you want to shop below. Check out the North American Lily Society for more information about how to grow lilies.

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  1. I love lilies. I cannot wait until it warms up more and ours bloom!

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