How to Get More Guacamole in Your Diet

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As my husband and I have gotten older, we have realized that it is not quite as easy to stay healthy as it was when we were younger.  Or, maybe we just never really cared much when we were in our 20’s.  A couple of decades really changes your outlook on life. Now we find ourselves looking at things like salt content and calories.  We listen to health reports on the news about what we SHOULD be eating and what we should be avoiding.  Over and over again we keep hearing about how ‘good fats’ are good for us.  Fewer plates full of bacon and eggs and more helpings of avocados and nuts.  Most of the fat in an avocado is in the form of oleic acid. It is considered to be a “good fat” which reduces levels of bad cholesterol in your blood and lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease.  It makes sense, then, that we should be trying to add more avocados to our diet and one tasty way to do this is with Wholly Guacamole‘s wonderful line of guacamole products.

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So, since we know that we need to eat more guacamole but how do we do that?  I am quite happy to sit down with it and eat it right from a spoon but surely we can get more creative than that, right?  Here are just a few tips on how to get more guacamole in your diet!

How to Get More Guacamole in Your Diet

  1. Replace your mayonnaise with guacamole on  your next sandwich.  The creaminess is a satisfying addition to any sandwich and it is a much healthier choice than mayo.
  2. Use it to stuff a deviled egg.  Use the yolk or skip it completely and just fill the hole of the deviled egg with 100% guacamole!
  3. Make a creative dip with ready made Wholly Guacamole.  Layer refried beans, salsa, cheese, and even a bit of sour cream if you don’t care about a few extra calories.  You can scoop it with chips, strips of bell pepper, pretzels, or a celery stalk.
  4. Have a top your own burrito bar for dinner.  Let the whole family choose what they stuff their burritos with.  You can set out shredded chicken, diced up tomatoes, fresh cilantro or whatever else your family enjoys.  Top it with a scoop of guacamole and then roll and eat!
  5. Use it as a topping on just about any dish.  Spanish rice, omelets,  stuffed peppers, or whatever dish you are having will probably taste better with a dollop of guacamole!
  6. Scoop it right out of the container!  Nothing says you have to scoop that guacamole with fattening tortilla chips, either.  Pretzels are a lower in fat but just as salty and crunchy way to get the guacamole to your mouth without all the extra ‘junk’ in tortilla chips!

how to get more guacamole in your diet with pretzels

I received a tasty gift package of Wholly Guacamole and Snyder’s Of Hanover pretzels to snack on and the combination made for a very healthy snack!  Next time you are craving some guacamole I definitely recommend you grab a bag of pretzels instead of chips.  My personal favorite of the Wholly Guacamole dips is the spicy homestyle since it has a nice kick to it and is very chunky.  The pretzels worked great at moving that dip right to my mouth!

Now, if you find yourself wanting to get more guacamole in your diet, I have a few blogger friends who have created some great recipes for you to check out.  Since guacamole is so good for you, finding creative ways to get more of it is a good idea.  You will be increasing that ‘good fat’ in your diet in a very enjoyable way!

How to Get More Guacamole in your diet 2

Easy Recipes Using Guacamole

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Spanish Rice

Healthy Mexican Dip Recipe

Top Your Own Burrito

Creamy Turkey Enchiladas

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  1. Yummy! I absolutely love guacamole!
  2. Andrea Williams says
    We had it with homemade nachos last night, but I love guacamole as a dip and on tacos or meat.
  3. marian boll says
    Guacamole is so great with all Mexican foods as well as chips for this family
  4. Eat w/ Tortilla chips - lots!
  5. I love guacamole as it is. I am not very inventive with new ideas. I like it best with corn chips.
  6. Nicollet Z. says
    I love guacamole with fajitas.
  7. I like to put guacamole on a veggie burger.
  8. I love to put it on sandwiches!
  9. I love guac on some quesadillas!
  10. julie matek says
    My favorite thing to do with guac is put on my taco salad. I also can just eat it with tortilla chips:)jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com
  11. I like to make a dip out of it.
  12. I love plain guacamole and chips
  13. My favorite thing to do with guacamole is spreading it on sandwiches, especially chicken salad sandwiches. Usually I just use a plain avocado, but if I want a little more flavor, I go for the guacamole. Yum!
  14. julie murphy says
    we use it for a dip
  15. Darlene Carbajal says
    I love putting guacamole on my tacos. :)
  16. Jessica Whitehouse says
    I like guacamole on salad or nacho chips.
  17. I like eating it on hamburgers.
  18. Mihaela Day says
    I love it with chips :)
  19. Margaret Smith says
    I love to us it as a dip.
  20. Mya Murphy says
    I love adding bacon and guac to burgers.
  21. Eugenia Hall says
    I like it with chips, but its great on nachos and tacos and well everything!
  22. Mary Casper says
    to eat it with corn chips
  23. Ann Fantom says
    I like to use guacamole to make Seven Layer Tex Mex Dip.
  24. Most of the time I just eat it with a spoon. Sometimes I put it on chips and tacos.
  25. Jennifer Matt says
    Usually with tortilla chips and sometimes on sandwiches.
  26. Penny Snyder says
    Top my chicken enchiladas with it!! YUM!~
  27. I like to use it as a spread vs mayo
  28. Danielle hall says
    i love it on burgers
  29. Cynthia C says
    I like it on a grilled chicken and tomato sandwich.
  30. Deborah Wellenstein says
    My favorite thing to do with guacamole is eat it! With chips! or pita! or anything!
  31. Kristy Thiel says
    I love it on nachos!
  32. Barbara Montag says
    I like to add some guacamole on top of my pasta - thank you.
  33. Christine says
    I guess my favorite thing is to eat it on a sandwich. All I need is guac, some veggies and maybe a slice of cheese and I'm good.
  34. Lorena Keech says
    We like to make tortilla wraps for lunch, sliced ham or turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce and guac. So good!
  35. Christine says
    love guacamole on a veggie burger
  36. Brittney House says
    I would love to eat it with tortilla chips.
  37. Monique Rizzo says
    Boring but I like to make Carne Asada and put it in a tortilla with guacamole.
  38. Mexican food and chips.
  39. joe gersch says
    i like guacamole on pitas
  40. My favorite thing to do with it is spread it on my sandwiches instead of mayo!
  41. I like it on nachos.
  42. I like a dob of it on my burritos.
  43. I love to use it to make enchiladas. I love Wholly Guacamoles salsa verde with avocado
  44. kyl neusch says
    guacamole with fajitas.
  45. We love burrito night which you can't have without guacamole
  46. My favorite way to have guacamole is straight up with tortilla chips. Thanks
  47. Stephanie Galbraith says
    My favorite thing to do with it is eat it.
  48. I love guacamole! One of my favorite ways to use guacamole is on top of my home- made nachos!
  49. Is eat it with a spoon an acceptable answer? If not, then with chips :-)
  50. I usually eat it with blue chips.
  51. I usually eat it with blue chips.
  52. danielle Marie says
    i like putting it in a burrito or a quesadilla. .so good.
  53. Eat with tortilla chips!
  54. Sherry Eckman says
    The only thing I've ever made with guacamole is a dip for tortilla chips.
  55. Nicole D. says
    I love to just eat guacamole plain with tortilla chips!
  56. Terry Cover says
    Just spread it like you get it. Hamburgers are the greatest with omelets following a close second.
  57. I eat it with tortilla chips
  58. I like it in my fajitas
  59. maleficent m says
    i like it on nachos!!
  60. tina reynolds says
    so so good on my sub or burger
  61. Eat is with olive oil drizzled on it.
  62. Paula Tavernie says
    My favorite is to put on my salads!
  63. Jane Thomas says
    I love it on my burgers!
  64. Natalie yeoman says
    I put it on my tacos
  65. Hesper Fry says
    I like it on tortilla chips.
  66. Dierdra Byrd says
    I love to put it on hamburgers!
  67. Jennifer Reed says
    My favorite thing to do with guacamole is to put it on a tostada with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, and Mexican cheese.
  68. Kobi Hensley says
    Put it on burritos. YUMMMM
  69. put on nachos
  70. Mine is to dip nachos in!
  71. MARIA simon says
    I don't know how some people don't eat guacamole..we eat it with everything! I love it especially with fritos :)
  72. Samantha Daleo says
    I love to EAT Guacamole on my tacos, nachos and burgers.
  73. Cheryl Reinhardt says
    I love to get Fresh bread and spread my Guacamole on it...... Love it in Salads, Taco's, and just eat them plain.....

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