Frugal Christmas Centerpiece Idea for Your Holiday Table

Last Updated on April 15, 2020 by Diane Hoffmaster

I enjoy decorating my house for the holidays but I really don’t like to spend a lot of extra money on decorations that will only be used once a year.  My money is much better spent on things other than blow up snowmen or plastic nick knacks. Despite my lack of desire to spend money in the Target holiday isles, I do like having the house decorated for the holidays.  I try to find ways to decorate the house that are inexpensive yet still attractive. I usually go with scented candles, baskets of pine cones and a few Christmas crafts from the kids!  This year I decided to repurpose an old wine bottle and a few trimmings from our Christmas tree to make a pretty Christmas center piece for our holiday table.  If you are aiming for a frugal Christmas yet still want the house to be festive I encourage you to try your hand at this very easy project!

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Frugal Christmas Centerpiece 4

Frugal Christmas Centerpiece



1 wine bottle, labels removed and clean/dry
white spray paint
red and green craft paint
paint brush
newspaper1 wire hanger
masking tape
several 3 to 4 inches pieces of string
small branches trimmed from your Christmas tree


1.  Untwist the top of the metal coat hanger and form the hanger into a circle.

Frugal Christmas Centerpiece 2

2.  Use the masking tape to tape the hanger ends together to form a more sturdy shape

3.  Weave the small branches around the wire hanger, using string to make them sturdy if needed

4. Set the clean wine bottle on the newspaper in a well ventilated area (I did mine outside)

Frugal Christmas Centerpiece 1

5.  Spray wine bottle with white spray paint.  Let dry.  You may need multiple coats of paint.

6,  When the white paint is dry, write your words using red and green paint.  You can choose anything you like : Joy, Peace, Hope…whatever you are inspired to write!

7.  When paint is dry, set the ring of pine branches on your table and put the wine bottle in the middle.

8.  You can add a candle to the bottle if you want or just leave it as is!

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  1. that looks like fun. and of course, you get to drink it first, LOL
  2. I love this, I love how decor doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive!
  3. that is such a cute idea. I will have to try this out. very cool!
  4. This is downright adorable! I just pinned this to one of my Christmas boards.

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