Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

Last Updated on February 16, 2020 by Diane Hoffmaster

With the oppressive heat of a southern summer already here, I am looking for easy ways to stay cool in summer. I grew up in New England and while we certainly had our fair share of hot weather, summer was generally bearable.  Fast forward a few  years and after college I headed down to Texas and then on to Georgia, where summers are brutal and the humidity is so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Most summer days have us holed up in the house with the air conditioner struggling to keep the temperature below 80 degrees.  While living in the South has its perks….especially if you like fresh peaches and locally grown watermelon…the weather is not one of them.  If you are looking for creative ways to stay cool in summer like I am, here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

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Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

Ways to Stay Cool In Summer

1.  Drink plenty of cool water:  Keep a large container in your refrigerator so you don’t have to let the faucet run and waste water.  Make sure you keep a glass of ice water with you at  your desk or on the kitchen counter.  I find that if I have to go looking for it, I am less likely to drink it!

2.  Apply an ice pack to your wrists:  As the blood flows through the veins of your wrists it will cool down just a tad and thus cool off the rest of you.  You can also just splash a bit of cold water on your wrists to stay cool this summer.

3. Turn off electricity when not in use:  Lights, TVs, radios and even your toaster oven use a lot of energy.  That energy creates HEAT.  You can help your house stay cool this summer by turning off and unplugging everything you are not using.

4.  Use a portable fan:  If your air conditioner struggles to cool off your house like mine does, invest in a small personal fan.  That way, you can keep the house itself a tad bit warmer but still create a cool breeze in your own personal domain.

Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

5. Keep the blinds closed:  The sun shining into your home will heat up your space considerably.  Closing the blinds during the heat of the day is one of the easiest ways to stay cool this summer.  Shop through my Amazon affiliate link for window coverings if you want to keep your house cool in summer.

6.  Skip the cooking:  I am always a huge fan of NOT cooking dinner!  When it is super hot outside, find alternative ways to feed your family.  You can grill outside, use the crockpot, make a cold soup, or even splurge on a dinner out.  Just avoid turning on your oven if you want to stay cool this summer.

7.  Dress lightly:  Wear light weigh fabrics in light colors.  Tank tops and flip flops are pretty much the norm in my house from May through September.

8.  Cool off after a workout:  Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator.  After your workout (or whenever you need a pick me up!) give yourself a quick refreshing spray to your face.

Easy Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

10.  Enjoy an ice cold treat:  Whether your favorite is ice cream, Popsicles, snow cones or smoothies, eating an ice cold treat can help cool you off.  Of course, sweet treats always make me happy no matter what the temperature outside!

9.  Play in the water: If you kids are cranky and you need to beat the heat, load them up and take them to the nearest spray park.  Or you can put the sprinkler in the back yard, head to the neighborhood pool, or just fill the tub with some cool water and a few rubber duckies!  Cool water in any form will help you stay cool this summer.

Do you have any other ways to stay cool in summer?






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  1. James Bergman says
    Awesome tips! I am definitely with you on not cooking inside during the summer. I keep my AC in good repair, but it still struggles to keep up with the insane heat from my oven. You just have to get a good dutch oven and a cookbook to go with it. I also really love the idea of putting a spray bottle in the fridge. I always struggle to cool off after a workout in the summer and this is the solution that I needed!

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