DIY Honey Lavender Bath Melts

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I am always amazed at how quickly my skin starts drying out once the heat comes on in my house. I never have problems with dry skin until fall and winter roll around but I find myself reaching for the body lotion more and more lately. These diy honey lavender bath melts are a great way to tackle your dry winter skin. They contain only a few simple ingredients that are melted together, poured into a mold and once they have hardened you can store them in a jar right next to your bathtub.

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You can choose the scents for your bath melts based on your own personal preferences. I have been under quite a bit of stress lately which of course means that I am not sleeping particularly well either. Lavender is wonderful as a calming scent right before you go to bed. It quiets the mind, relaxes the soul and encourages a peaceful night sleep. I chose to use dried lavender that I purchased online at Amazon along with lavender essential oil which I always have in my medicine cabinet. I added honey because of its natural antibacterial properties along with the fact that it is a natural humectant. That means honey will actually help draw moisture right into your skin more so than if you were just bathing in water alone.

How to make bath melts

Silicone molds work best for these lavender bath melts. Once they harden, you can easily pop them right out of the mold with just a gentle push to the back of the mold. If you don’t have something like this to work with you could just line a 9 x 9 inch baking pan with waxed paper and pour all of the melted bath melts right into the pan. Once it is hardened you can lift out the hardened bath melt and cut it into small squares using a sharp knife. They won’t look quite as pretty but they will work just the same!

I hope you enjoy these honey lavender bath melts and maybe they will help sooth your skin along with quiet your mind over the stressful holiday season!

Honey Lavender Bath Melts 2

DIY Honey Lavender Bath Melts

This recipe will make enough for 30 bath melts


100 grams Shea Butter

100 grams Cocoa Butter

1 TBSP dried lavender

40 drops lavender essential oil

1 TBSP honey



1. In a small glass measuring cup place the shea butter, the cocoa butter and the honey.

2. Place a small sauce pan on the stove and add a few inches of water to it.

3. Place the measuring cup into the sauce pan and turn the heat on to medium

4. Swirl the measuring cup  occasionally to mix the ingredients as they melt.

5. Once the mixture is melted completely, remove from the water and let cool slightly.

6. Add the essential oil and lavender flowers and stir gently until combined

7. Pour into silicone molds and let harden. You can place it in the freezer or refrigerator to speed the process up a bit.

8. Once the bath melts are hardened, gently push them out of the mold

9. Store in a covered jar or sealed container

10. To use, run a bath with comfortably hot water, toss in one or two bath melts and allow to melt.

11. Get into your bathtub and enjoy a relaxing and soothing bath experience!


How do YOU handle winter dry skin?


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  1. Wendy Gorton says
    These sound wonderful, can't wait to give them a go. Thank you for the recipe.
  2. I can't wait to make them. how long can you store them ?
  3. Tiffany Grard says
    I have made this recipe many times and they come out beautiful but since the honey seperates from the oils when you push the molds out there is a layer of honey on the top of the mold. What the directions do not say is that these have to be refrigerated after making because within minutes the honey melts everywhere and you have a big mess. I would recommend making this recipe without the honey.
    • Thanks for your input. I did get a small layer of honey on the bottom but it seems to be much more solid than regular honey and didn't get all over the place. But, they work well without the honey too!
  4. Dora Stevenson says
    Diane~ What lavender essential oil did you find as a "lasting" fragrance? I don't want to use one that disappears in a couple of weeks?
    • Diane Hoffmaster says
      I tend to look for therapeutic grade, preferably organic essential oils. I have not had a problem with losing scent.

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