DIY Beauty Tip: Easy Herbal Steam Facial

Last Updated on June 5, 2020 by Diane Hoffmaster

I have never been blessed with small pores.  As a teen I suffered from an average amount of acne but even when my skin was ‘clear’ I could easily see the pores and blackheads in my Tzone.  I used to use an assortment of scrubs, peels and facials to try and get my skin to look like all those models in magazines.  Recently, I have started using more and more natural products on my skin than I did as a teen.  DIY beauty products are usually easy to make, inexpensive and less irritating to sensitive skin.  Another great thing about DIY beauty products is that there are no questionable ingredients!

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This easy herbal steam facial is not only a very simple DIY beauty treatment to help clear up your skin but it is also incredibly relaxing.  The aroma of herbs wafting up towards my face just makes me want to breath deeply and relax!  There is no reason to spend a fortune on a spa visit when DIY beauty products can be grown right in your own back yard!  I used fresh herbs from my garden for my herbal steam facial but you could buy them at your grocery store or buy (affiliate link~!—dry herbs) in bulk online.  You could even use essential oils if you wanted, just make sure to only use a few drops since they can be  fairly concentrated.  I chose to use basil, rosemary and mint for this herbal steam facial because they are all fairly astringent (if you love rosemary and mint, check out my homemade shaving cream recipe!) (if you love rosemary and mint, check out my homemade shaving cream recipe!).  Lemon also makes a good astringent and if you are doing this right before bed you can add some lavender or chamomile for a bit of added relaxation!

DIY Beauty:
Herbal Steam Facial

DIY Beauty Treatment Easy Herbal Steam Facial

1. Wash your face and put your hair back with a headband or hair tie.

2.  Choose your herbs and crush or tear gently.  Place them in a bowl.

3.  Boil 2 cups of water

4.  Pour the water over the herbs and let steep 1 to 2 minutes

5.  Place your face over the bowl of herb water and cover your head with a towel.

6.  Relax and let the steam open your pores (and your sinuses!) for 5 to 10 minutes.

7.  Pat your face gently with a towel and wash with lukewarm water.  Apply a light moisturizer.


Do you have any DIY beauty products that you really enjoy?

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  1. I never thought of trying this. I have plenty of herbs so I think I will give it a go. THanks!
  2. This sounds really soothing. I would love to give it a try. Probably feels especially nice when weather is cold outside.
  3. That seems so relaxing! I need to carve out some time for myself to try that.
  4. This would be awesome for my sinuses! I will have to try it out.
  5. Oh, that sounds so nice. I must try it!
  6. This also sounds like it would help my constant headaches by helping me to relax. I'll have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

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