10 Creative Uses for Beer Besides Drinking It!

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Have you ever ended up with cheap beer in the fridge and no desire to drink it?  If you are looking for creative uses for beer besides drinking it, I have a few suggestions.  From cleaning to using beer on your skin, don’t throw away old beer without trying a few of these hacks!  There are dozens of household uses for beer, especially if it is stale, old, or otherwise undrinkable. 

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Uses for beer besides drinking it

When Cheap Beer Gets Left Behind

The one thing that I can pretty much guarantee will always be in my refrigerator is beer.  My husband is a beer snob and is pretty selective about what he drinks.  Occasionally, when we have company, someone brings over a 6 pack of beer and leaves a few behind when they go home.  Well, now there is cheap beer in the refrigerator that the husband really has no interest in drinking.  In a case like this, you are left wondering what to do with leftover beer!  There are a lot of creative uses for beer in case you have some and just don’t want to drink it. 

Like these beer hacks?  Try these frugal homemaking tips, too:

10 Creative Uses for Beer Besides Drinking It!

If your game day party left you with half an open keg or you bought a 6 pack you don’t like, try these uses for beer rather than dump it down the drain!

Loosen rusty bolts: 

Many people have used soda to loosen rusty bolts but the acid in beer will do a good job, too.  Just soak rusty bolts in beer for a few hours to make your DIY repair project a tad bit easier.

butterfly on a rock

Attract butterflies to your yard: 

According to Care2.com, you can make butterfly bait out of stale beer.  In a food processor, combine the following ingredients and mix well:  1/2 pound sugar, 1 can stale beer, 2 mashed overripe bananas, 1/2 cup of molasses, 1/2 cup of apple juice, 1 shot of rum.  Using an old sponge, apply it to fence posts, rocks, tree trunks, etc.  You can also soak a new sponge in the liquid and leave it on a small plate to attract them.

Add shine to your hair:

Pour one cup of beer into a glass and let sit a few hours or overnight.   Shampoo and rinse your hair as usual. Pour the beer on your hair and massage it in. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Your hair should have much more shine thanks to the vitamins in the beer. Can expired beer be used for hair? YES!  This is the perfect way to use up expired beer!

Creative Uses for Beer Besides Drinking It

Trap slugs and snails in your garden: 

Place a shallow plastic lid on the surface of your garden and fill with beer at dusk before you head inside for the night.  The snails and slugs are attracted to the beer but drown in the liquid, never to bother your plants again. This is one of my favorite frugal gardening tips and it really does work! 

Fertilize your plants: 

Can you drink flat beer? Sure you can, but it isn’t going to taste good.  Instead of drinking it, give it to your plants! Beer is actually loaded with nutrients that plants love.  Pour a room temperature beer around the base of your garden plants.  For indoor plants, use sparingly since they are in a more enclosed space. After adding beer to your garden, water it thoroughly.  This will help distribute the sugars evenly in the soil.
gold rings that need cleaning in a person's hands

How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Beer: 

Instead of soaking your gold jewelry in expensive jewelry cleaners, just soak them in beer.  Rinse and dry with a soft jewelry cloth for a nice shine.

Take a beer bath: 

Is bathing in beer good for skin? YES!  Beer is loaded with nutrients.  Those nutrients in beer are great for your skin.  Add a few beers into a full bath and soak your troubles away.  Make sure to rinse off in the shower unless you want to smell like a brew pub!

Beer may cure dead spots in lawn caused by fungus: 

If your grass is spotty due to fungus, pour beer over the dead spots.  The acid kills the fungus and the nutrients feed the grass.

meat marinating in a pan

Turn  Beer Into a Meat Marinade:

The acidity of the beer will help tenderize a cut of meat without adding an overly strong flavor. Marinate the meat for at least a few hours or as long as overnight in the refrigerator. What beer is best for marinade? Just about any of them, depending on the flavor you are trying to achieve.  Check out WikiHow for information about how to marinate meat in beer. 

Beer Polish furniture!

Can you clean with beer? You certainly can! Let the beer get flat and warm.  Pour some onto a cloth and rub into your wooden furniture.  Let dry and buff with a soft cloth.  Your wood furniture will now have a nice shine to it!


Uses for Beer and Beer Bottle Flower Vases

Don’t Toss The Beer Bottles Either!

Now that you have come up with a few new uses for beer, you need to use up a few beer bottles too, right?  Learn how to make a beer bottle vase for your flowers.  Just click the image below! Have any other uses for beer you want to share?

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