Cotton Fashion Event Announces Celebrity Host Lineup!

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When you think fashion, what immediately comes to mind?  High heals?  Huge price tags?  Maybe a few outfits that really shouldn’t be worn to pick up the kids from preschool?  Fashion means different things to different people.  Quite often, fashion means silk, leather, lace and a whole lot of bling.  But, have you ever considered the idea that COTTON can be fashionable?  Simple cotton….it makes up a huge portion of our every daily wardrobe and yet can also be part of a very fashionable look!

Cotton is fashion made simple!

 Cotton Fashion Event

Cotton Incorporated is all about the use of and desire for all things cotton. It’s in the clothes, sheets and towels we buy every single day. It is the fabric that so much of our lives are made of and YES, it can be fashionable!  Want to see how cotton can make you fashionable?  Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show, with media partner PEOPLE magazine, will celebrate “The Moments of Our Lives” with hourly themed “cotton moments.” The show will feature a unique cotton look every minute of the 24-hour event — for a total of 1,440 cotton looks.

 Cotton Fashion Event

Since its very beginning in 2011, Bill and Giuliana Rancic have served as hosts to the world’s longest fashion show. Giuliana is a 2014 Daytime Emmy Award winner, E! News and Fashion Police host, and designer of her own HSN clothing line, G by Giuliana Rancic, which will be featured in the show. Bill and Giuliana star together in the E! reality show ‘Giuliana and Bill’. E! News co-host and Miami native Jason Kennedy will join the Hollywood power couple for the first time to host the fashion marathon.  Check out the video player below for more information about this event!

With nearly 100 brands and designers providing looks for each ‘cotton moment,’ Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show is a testament to the enduring appeal and versatility of cotton. Viewers, both online and on-site, will be able to catch their favorite red carpet hosts and some of the most esteemed fashion icons in the industry. Nearly one million viewers tuned in to watch the show last year.

Cotton is an incredibly versatile fashion ingredient.  You can wear it to just about any event, whether it is day or evening…casual or high class.  Cotton’s 24 hour runway show will include star studded entertainment, celebrities, and great musical performances.  It will be an incredibly look at how cotton is really the fabric of our lives 24 hours a day!

Does the cotton in  YOUR life make a fashion statement?

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  1. Nothing feels better than cotton in the summer. That's true for clothes, and for sheets/blankets too!
  2. I had no idea that there was a whole run way show just for cotton!! Cotton has always been my favorite go to for clothing!
  3. Thanks for sharing this event with me. Bill and Giuliana look so adorable together. I will for sure check this out. I love cotton :)
  4. What a great product!! Ilove cotton!! So comfortable and breathable!!

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