Cooking from Scratch Made Easy

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My kids have more activities to keep them busy than I can keep up with.  Every day after school we tackle homework and whatever extracurricular activity is scheduled for that evening.  Occasionally that means my husband and I are taking different kids in different directions and don’t get to eat dinner til 7 PM.  I like that my kids are active but I refuse to eat takeout and/or delivery on nights that we are busy.  You might think that cooking from scratch is impossible on busy nights but I have learned a few ways to make cooking dinner for my family a little bit quicker.  Cooking from scratch is much healthier and cheaper than hitting the drive through and you get to control the ingredients you put into your meal.  Sometimes, cooking from scratch requires a bit of advanced planning, though, to make it work for a busy night.  Here are a few ideas on how you can make cooking from scratch a little bit easier:

Cooking From Scratch Made Easy

cooking from scratch

1.  Homemade soups are much healthier than the canned variety and are an incredibly easy, one pot meal.  Skip the canned stock, too, by making up a batch of homemade stock and freezing it back on the weekends.  Just add leftover bones from your latest roast, a few chunks of veggies like onion and carrots, and some herbs and seasonings.  After a few hours of simmering you will be left with a low sodium, flavorful stock that you can freeze back in plastic containers or zip to lock bags for the next batch of soup you want to cook from scratch on a busy night.

2.  Making a casserole? Try making TWO!  If you invest in a couple of extra glass pans with fitted plastic lids it is easy to make up one extra casserole or pan of lasagna on a Saturday afternoon.  Freeze one back for a night when you just don’t have time to cook.

3.  Do the dicing and chopping ahead of time:  If you dice up several onions, bell peppers, celery stalks, carrots, etc you will have a lot less work to do the next time you pull out your favorite recipe.  Use a hand held chopped to really get things going quickly and then store the leftovers in the freezer so you can cook from scratch without getting out your cutting board again.

4.  Throw an extra chicken breast on the grill on the weekend.  I love having leftover chicken in my fridge because it is so incredibly versatile!  If you have the grill on anyhow, throw one or two boneless chicken breasts on.  Use them on top of homemade pizza, in a stirfry, or as a top your own salad addition.  All of those meals are much quicker when you don’t have to worry about cooking the meat first!

5.  Realize that semi homemade is still okay:  Some things can be made quickly from scratch and others cannot.  I learned long ago that ALMOST homemade is still better than fast food and takeout.  I do not roll out my own homemade pie crusts when I make a quiche and I do not make my own pizza dough when I make homemade pizza.  I COULD…but I rarely have that kind of time during the week.  Thankfully, you can buy some great premade pizza crusts at the grocery store, including the Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain.


Making homemade pizza is a great way to use local and seasonal ingredients in your dinner.  It is also very easy to make up your toppings ahead of time to help make dinner preparation quicker.  With previously diced peppers and onions along with some leftover grilled chicken, I have a balanced meal for my family that is filling and quick to make.  If you want a few ideas on how YOU can prepare homemade pizza for your family check out the Farmer’s Market Pizza Ideas from Pillsbury.   Also make sure to get the online coupon for $1.50 off one package of Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust.

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  1. For a quick dinner, we love to throw hamburgers or hotdogs on the grill! Samantha D dull2000 at cox dot net
  2. Michele Brosius says:
    My favorite quick go to dinner is quesadillas. I always have tortillas on hand and can fill them with any veggie or meat or both from the freezer.
  3. some spaghetti:)
  4. My go-to meal for a quick dinner is hot-dogs. Or if it is just me, several bowls of cereal.
  5. my favorite quick dinner meal is quesadillas
  6. Amber Faith says:
    Anything Hamburger Helper. Yeah, it's unhealthy...but when I'm strapped for time, it does the job.
  7. Sandy VanHoey says:
    tacos is my favorite quick meal
  8. Spaghetti
  9. rod jackson says:
    pepperoni and mushroom
  10. rod jackson says:
    homemade pizza, pepperoni and mushroom
  11. Ann Fantom says:
    Spaghetti is my favorite quick meal
  12. breakfast for dinner!
  13. Audrey Griffis says:
    we love to grill so easy foods liek hot doge or chicken on the grill add a few veggies and yum
  14. Sarah Hall says:
    I just throw together a salad with some veggies and cold it.
  15. Scrambled eggs!
  16. Nicole Newby says:
    unsloppy joes! quick, easy, and delicious.
  17. Rachel Pride says:
    my favorite quick dinner meal is pizza
  18. Salads are my go-to quick and healthy meals
  19. wendy rozema says:
  20. Elizabeth J says:
    A big salad is a quick and healthy dinner.
  21. Virginia Rowell says:
    My favorite quick dinner meal is my creamy chicken noodle.
  22. Mary Beth Elderton says:
    Our favorite quick dinner is "something with pasta"--the "something" is whatever I have on hand :)
  23. Sue Ellison says:
  24. kristen m says:
    my favorite quick dinner meal is a turkey sandwich with a side of green beans!
  25. My quick dinner meal is mac & cheese.
  26. danielle lima says:
    a frozen pizza
  27. Penny Snyder says:
    Sloppy Joes!!~
  28. grilled cheese!
  29. beans and hotdogs
  30. Ttrockwood says:
    I make a big salad with a veggie burger patty ontop
  31. Spaghetti
  32. I make grilled cheese sandwiches.
  33. Katherine Donovan says:
    My quick meal is spaghetti & garlic bread.
  34. Katie Roch says:
    My favorite quick dinner is grilled cheese with tomato soup
  35. Tari Lawson says:
    My favorite quick dinner meal is gnocchi with crab.
  36. kelly nicholson says:
    mac and cheese..sometimes pizza
  37. Rebecca Graham says:
    spaghetti is quick and easy.
  38. frozen pizza Thanks! Janna JOhnson Janna johnson on GFC
  39. Peggy Greco says:
    I like to cook hamburgers or a frozen pizza.
  40. My favorite quick dinner meal is spaghetti or tacos. My family loves both of them.
  41. Chrystal D says:
    Mine is pasta!
  42. PAIGE CHANDLER says:
    Pasta and ragu...easy peasy.
  43. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:
    Spaghetti or Chicken Salad
  44. Baked macaroni and cheese is my favorite quick and easy meal.
  45. Mary Calabrese says:
    Spaghetti is my go to meal.
  46. franks is my fastest and easiest meal
  47. Connie Lee says:
    A quick made sandwich, such as a ham or a banana sandwich
  48. Jamie Brigham says:
    I love hamburger helper and shells N cheese.
  49. Pancakes
  50. Monique Rizzo says:
    Tacos. Thanks for the chance.
  51. Meaghan F. says:
    My quick meal is angel hair pasta with tomatoes.
  52. We like soup and a sandwich.
  53. Spaghetti and meatballs!
  54. My favorite quick go to dinner is quesadillas
  55. steve weber says:
    spaghetti every time.
  56. Macaroni and cheese
  57. Allison Downes says:
    Pizza and Salad thanks for the great giveaway!
  58. Chicken and mashed potatoes
  59. spaghetti
  60. Amanda Rauch says:
    Usually for something quick I have make your own pizza night or baked ravioli. Both are really good and super simple and quick
  61. lalaine hagler says:
  62. Jacob LaFountaine says:
    Bean burritos
  63. My favorite quick dinner meal is grilled chicken on a salad.
  64. Kelsey Black says:
    I love homemade pizza.
  65. Wanda McHenry says:
    Hamburger Helper
  66. Stephanie Larison says:
    Ham and cheese sandwiches
  67. Spaghetti or ordering pizza.
  68. Soup and sandwiches
  69. I like pasta, especially Raviolis.
  70. Storm, the Psychotic Housewife says:
    My quick go-to meal is tacos.
  71. Kathy Lane says:
    Turkey burgers is our favorite fast meal.
  72. Maria Iemma says:
    I always have spaghetti sauce in the freezer so all I need to do is defrost in the microwave and boil pasta.
  73. Linda Lansford says:
  74. Lorena Keech says:
    Breakfast, either biscuits and gravy or waffles.
  75. Elle Thomas says:
    Scrambled Eggs!
  76. Georgia Beckman says:
    If we need something QUICK, it's sandwiches & chips. But that is also expensive. Quick & cheap? Scrambled eggs, every time.
  77. Cody Anderson says:
    Chicken stir-fry
  78. Tracie Trump says:
    soup and sandwiches,
  79. Western Omelet!
  80. tempeh tacos!
  81. Thank you for the chance. Tacos are one of my quick, easy meals!
  82. my favorite quick dinner is tacos!
  83. hot dogs
  84. Desiree Dunbar says:
    Pasta w/ Marinara sauce.
  85. Ashley Morrow says:
    Hamburgers on the grill and a salad.
  86. sloppy joes
  87. Our quick meal is Chicken Caesar Salads.
  88. Erin Collins says:
  89. Spaghetti with jarred sauce
  90. Paula Michele Hafner says:
    Spinach Alfredo. I found a recipe for a quick sauce that's so good :)
  91. takisha a. says:
    my favorite quick dinner meal is tacos.
  92. Lisa Garner says:
    I love making easy Enchiladas.
  93. Ellie W says:
    Frito Pie and cornbread.
  94. Brittney House says:
    grilled cheese
  95. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    burgers on the george foreman vmkids3 at msn dot com
  96. I like a quick cheese and black bean quesadilla when in a pinch.
  97. tina page says:
    i make homemade falafel and it is so quick as long as you don't forget to soak the beans. eat with some pita and fresh tzatziki. :)
  98. Lesley F says:
    Spaghetti and meatballs!
  99. Debra Hall says:
    hotdogs and french fries
  100. kathy pease says:
    I love shepards pie for a quick meal
  101. Kari Flores says:
    My favorite quick meal for dinner is BLTs.
  102. Rebecca Peters says:
    I like to make grilled cheese .. my kids love it
  103. mary enshaw says:
    In a hurry we do take out! OR I will get a rotissere chicken
  104. Spaghetti is my favorite quick meal!
  105. Tacos
  106. Daniel M says:
    probably bacon eggs home fries toast
  107. Nicole C. says:
    My favorite quick meal is spaghetti.
  108. Toasted tuna sandwiches.
  109. Coriander Warren says:
    our family's favorite quick meal is hot dogs and baked beans.
  110. Veggie pasta with veggies from the garden!
  111. Shallreb says:
    It's always tacos.
  112. Brenda Elsner says:
    quick meal for us is usually frozen pizza
  113. Ed Nemmers says:
    I heart Chicken Caesar Salad!
  114. Julie Murphy says:
  115. Christine says:
    Spaghetti is my favorit
  116. s riches says:
    My favorite is mac and cheese.
  117. For quick it's BLTs
  118. Tacos is my favorite
  119. richelle bowers says:
    sloppy joes
  120. pizza and tacos are our favorite quick meals.
  121. Rebecca says:
    broiled tilapia
  122. Hot dogs and fries!
  123. Grilled Cheese is quick and the kids love it
  124. Jillian B says:
    pancakes and applesauce! Or as my daughter would say "pannycakes and happy-sauce" :-)
  125. Jen Harriman says:
    My kids favorite quick dinner is macaroni with a can of tomato soup poured over it and grilled cheese sandwiches
  126. shanta spradlin says:
  127. Nancy Bobbert says:
    I like spaghetti for a quick simple meal.
  128. Laurie Emerson says:
    Spaghetti and meatballs.
  129. Beverly Metcalf says:
    For a quick meal, I would probably make a pizza, or spaghetti. Thanks for this contest!
  130. Samii Meyer says:
    I can whip up a pretty quick homemade soup - takes about 20 minutes! :)
  131. Jaque R. says:
    My children's favorite is pizza, mine is probably soup and salad. :-) Thank you.
  132. Carolyn Daley says:
    Chicken & fries that we can just throw in the oven or chicken with instant mash potatoes.
  133. Carolyn Daley says:
    As far as cooking from scratch, we like to make mini pizzas with cheese and pepperoni.
  134. Jane Squires says:
    My favorite quick meal is roast, potatoes, and carrots in crock pot cooking while I'm at church - it's done when I get home. My husband is diabetic so would love to wn this
  135. A baked potato.
  136. Spaghetti and meatballs is our go to easy meal
  137. Derek Timm says:
    Hamburger Helper!
  138. Ronda Patrick says:
    Macaroni and Cheese or the Lipton Noodle Packets!
  139. cassandra says:
    I would say spaghetti! or some sort of salad with chicken.
  140. My favorite to make is tacos.
  141. krystal wethington says:
    mac & cheese
  142. DeeAnn S says:
    Spaghetti is always a quick meal. Thanks.
  143. Stephani Taylor says:
    Pizza is our goto quick meal!
  144. Mac and Cheese
  145. Melanie Montgomery says:
    I like porkchops
  146. Seyma Shabbir says:
    Basil Pesto pasta
  147. susan smoaks says:
    my favorite quick dinner meal is spaghetti, it's so quick and easy to make!
  148. Gina Ferrell says:
    My favorite quick dinner meal is hot dogs.
  149. chelesa sims says:
    tuna with macroni and cheese
  150. For me, it's tacos!
  151. taco casserole and only one dish too
  152. Spaghetti and sauce is my favorite quick meal.
  153. Buddy Garrett says:
    Spaghetti and Meatballs is my favorite.
  154. Candice says:
    Pasta! So quick and easy.
  155. Connie black says:
    Grilled chicken
  156. mary gardner says:
    fried rice with whatever leftover meat or vegetables we have
  157. amy deeter says:
    grilled cheese sandwiches
  158. Robert Pyszk says:
    Sloppy Joes
  159. Lynne T. says:
    I have a few: Bacon & Eggs, Hamburger Helper, Pasta with a no cook sauce.
  160. Ann Council says:
    Scrambled eggs and toast.
  161. sheila ressel says:
  162. Lori Walker says:
    stir fry
  163. Max Mam says:
    Chicken Alfredo. just chop some chicken and veggies cook them real quick and make some pasta. mix all in and heat up alfredo sauce and thats it!
  164. pasta is always an easy meal
  165. Kelly Britton says:
    Beanie Weenies!
  166. Tim Moss says:
    Some breakfast item like cereal or frozen pancakes can be a quick meal for me or just a protein shake.
  167. Rachel H says:
    pepperoni rolls using Pillsbury crescent rolls
  168. would love to make this! looks delicious
  169. pizza and salad
  170. Omelets or quesadillas.
  171. James Coyne says:
    I like tacos
  172. kelly g says:
    frozen pizza
  173. Grilled cheese sandwiches or sloppy joes
  174. shirley zolenski says:
    Mine is spaghetti
  175. Split-pea soup and a cheese sandwich.
  176. heather c says:
    Eggs and bacon. Yum.
  177. Samantha says:
    We love pasta as a quick meal!
  178. crescent dogs with cheese
  179. Tim Anderson says:
    Toss up hot dogs or sloppy joe's
  180. Sarah L says:
    spaghetti Thanks for the contest.
  181. virginia says:
    Howdy! Corn meal chicken- chicken tender dipped in egg then covered with corn meal with salt and paprika. Then I throw it in a wok with hot oil and RED onion ( red onions rock cause their sweeter the brown) Viola! sprinkle more paprika as you serve them
  182. Vikki Billings says:
    Mine is Goulash
  183. lindsay says:
    my favorite quick meal is pigs in blankets.
  184. English muffing pizza with our own individual toppings. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
  185. Barbara Long says:
    My favorite quick meal is black bean tacos.

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