Bourbon Blueberry Sauce for a Simply Decadent Gelato Topping

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I am a firm believer in the idea that simple is better.  Simple, uncluttered living is the key to a low stress life.  Simple gifts are often the most meaningful.  And a simple ingredient list usually means a higher quality food product.  I am all about simple ingredients when it comes to our food.  I don’t want complicated chemical names or a bunch of numbers and symbols.  Simple ingredients just taste better.  When I got the chance to try out the new Turkey Hill Dairy all natural gelato I was intrigued!  I have never met a frozen dessert I didn’t like so this project was right up my alley!  To go along with my simply decadent gelato, I created a topping from my husband’s favorite ingredients: blueberries and bourbon!  This bourbon blueberry sauce was the perfect addition to the all natural vanilla gelato from Turkey Hill Dairy!

Bourbon Blueberry Sauce for Turkey Hill Gelato

With blueberry season coming up, I highly recommend you stock up while the price is cheap.  You could probably use frozen blueberries for this bourbon blueberry sauce but you might end up with a bit too much ‘juice’ as they thaw.  I definitely recommend a high quality bourbon, as well.  Don’t break the bank but don’t buy the cheapest one on the shelf either!  The simplicity of these flavors is the perfect topping for a simple vanilla gelato like Turkey Hill.

Turkey Hill Gelato and Bourbon Blueberry Sauce Recipe

Turkey Hill Dairy is the first major ice cream brand to offer an all natural gelato.  It is made with simple ingredients like milk, cream, sugar and vanilla and comes in 8 different flavors.  Choose from Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coffee Chip, Hazelnut, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peach Mango, Purely Vanilla or Sea Salted Caramel. Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato has less air than most ice cream, giving it a denser, richer texture. It is available at select retailers wherever Turkey Hill products are sold.  The texture of these gelatos is so creamy and smooth!  It was a huge hit in my house, both with and without the sauce!

Bourbon Blueberry Icecream Topping Recipe

While I definitely think this bourbon blueberry sauce recipe was a huge hit, you could certainly enjoy any of the Turkey Hill all natural gelatos right out of the container.  I found several varieties at the grocery store and they were a huge hit with the kids…even if they weren’t brave enough to try the sauce!

If you need more ideas on how to USE this bourbon blueberry sauce, you can also pour it over waffles or pancakes and it would be delicious as a topping to a savory grilled chicken breast or good cut of steak!

Bourbon Blueberry Sauce for Icecream 2

Bourbon Blueberry Sauce

Yields 2 cups

Bourbon Blueberry Sauce

This bourbon blueberry sauce is a delicious ice cream topping but is also great on waffles or pancakes!

5 minPrep Time

30 minCook Time

35 minTotal Time

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  • 3 cups fresh blueberries
  • 1 cup bourbon
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 TBSP vanilla
  • 3 tsp corn starch
  • 2 TBSP water


  1. Place blueberries, bourbon, and brown sugar in a medium sauce pan.
  2. Heat blueberries over medium high heat until liquid is boiling
  3. Turn down heat and simmer 20 to 30 minutes or until liquid is reduced by half
  4. In a small bowl, combine the corn starch and water. Whisk with a fork until smooth and lumps are gone.
  5. Pour the cornstarch mixture into the blueberry mixture and stir over medium heat 4 to 5 minutes or until mixture is slightly thickened
  6. Remove from heat and add vanilla
  7. Stir and let cool
  8. Serve warm or chill
  9. Stir the sauce immediately before using to mix in the remaining whole blueberries

Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato

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