Boost Self Esteem with Cigna’s Healthy Food Selfie Contest

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I’m sure you have heard the phrase ‘You are what you eat’.  It is a very basic concept that basically says that if you eat healthy food you will BE healthy. Or, at least healthiER since genetics and environment play a part too, right?  But if you live on Twinkies and soda every day you can pretty much guarantee that you aren’t going to be living as healthy a life as you should be.  The way we look and feel is often directly tied to the food we eat and as a result, our self esteem can also be tied to the foods we put in our mouths.  Cigna wants to encourage you to make smart food choices and boost your self esteem.  To help spread the word about healthy eating, they are hosting a healthy food selfie contest!

Cigna’s Healthy Food Selfie Contest

I take a lot of photos of my food and I KNOW there are lots of you out there that do the same thing.  Ever taken a picture of yourself eating your breakfast? Or munching on a delicious restaurant meal?  Cigna is putting a healthy spin on the popular social behavior of taking food selfies and sharing them with friends. Now your healthy snack can win you more than just a few “likes”! Those healthy food selfies may help you win a healthy cooking retreat for you and a guest!  Also up for grabs in the contest is a 1-on-1 session with a Cigna nutritionist for a year and a smartphone with pre-loaded Cigna healthy apps as well as a few other things.   Check out the information below to learn how to enter to win!

 Cigna’s Healthy Food Selfie Contest

Cigna’s “Share Your Healthy YOU Food” contest

Make your food selfie pay off in better health, fun and delicious and nutritious prizes by entering the “Share Your Healthy YOU Food”  contest!  For more information and to enter the contest go check out the  Cigna healthy food photo contest website!

What’s the last healthy food YOU snapped yourself eating?

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  1. What a great and fun way to show off your healthy eating habits! Very creative way to get people interacting and thinking about their health.
  2. That is a great idea. People are taking selfies anyway; why not encourage healthy eating at the same time!
    • agreed! I thought it was a great way to raise support for healthy eating and it's long term benefits!
  3. I for one will be glad when the whole 'selfie' fad dies off. In the meantime I guess showing healthy eating is better than a duck face!
  4. What a great idea!Eating healthy is so important!

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