Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Even with Kids!

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Why is it good to keep your car clean? From bad car smells to keeping car floor mats clean, check out these tips for keeping your car clean, even if you have messy kids.  

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How to Keep Your Car Clean

Why is my car so messy?

Every time my husband gets in my car he starts complaining.  Why is the seat so far up?  Why is the radio so loud?  And, my favorite… why are their food crumbs everywhere?  Ummm…HELLO Mr. Perfect!  I LIVE in my car some days! 

My car isn’t a total pigsty but there is definitely evidence of children in my car.  An assortment of books, food wrappers and crumbs often grace the back seat and make it look a little less than pristine. 

I try hard to keep it clean but some days it is tough.  If you have kids, I’m sure you know what I am talking about! If you need a few tips for keeping your car clean even with kids, keep reading for a few ideas I am going to begin implementing in my own life!

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Even with Kids!

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

If you need a few tips for cleaning your car, keep reading for a few ideas I am going to begin implementing in my own life! And if you live in the chilly north, don’t forget to be prepared with a winter car emergency kit

Cleaning the Exterior of Your Car:

  • To keep your windshield wipers clean, wipe the blades with a solution of 1/4 cup household ammonia to 1 quart cold water.
  • Wash your car when it is cool and park it in the shade to prevent spots and haze from forming.
  • Keep it in the garage.  I know a lot of us have very packed garages but clean out your garage and start storing your car in there to keep it clean.
  • Make you own car cleaner: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup dish-washing liquid and 1 gallon water.  Mix well and add 1 cup of the solution to warm water to wash your car with.
  • Yes you do need to wax!  Invest in a good car wax. Once a year put the effort into waxing your car.  It is worth it….all that bird poop and tree sap will come off much easier!  
Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Even with Kids!

Focusing On The Car’s Interior:

  • Be Proactive. Before getting into the car, knock your shoes together to remove loose dirt and debris.  This will keep your car mats from getting too dirty.
  • Clean messes quickly.  Keep a few homemade hand sanitizing wipes and Tide to go wipes inside your car to help clean up messes immediately when they happen.
  • Keep a trash bag in the car.  Instead of throwing trash on the floor or leaving it stuck in the side pocket of the door keep a trash bag in there instead.  Make it a once a week chore to empty the car trash.
  • Every time you leave, grab something that doesn’t belong.  I find that some days I have more ‘stuff’ than I have hands and something always gets left behind.  If this is the same for you, make sure you grab it the next time you head into the house.
  • Invest in a carpet cleaner!  It is a lot easier and more convenient to clean the interior of your car at home rather than have to take it to a car wash place to get it done.  Not to mention the fact that you will save yourself a lot of money! Check out the Hoover carpet cleaner on Amazon if you are planning on buying one.
  • Make your own car air freshener: Check out my post on making your own car air freshener to get rid of bad car smells. 

How do you keep the inside of your car clean? It isn’t always easy.  In addition, it’s not a do it and forget about it chore.  But, it really helps in the long run when you don’t have to stop and ask yourself ‘ Why does my car smell bad?’ every week! Have any other tips for keeping your car clean? Check out Business Insider for a list of good car cleaning products

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