How to Make a Beer Bottle Flower Vase

Have empty beer bottles lying around?  Learn how to make a beer bottle flower vase!  This easy upcycing project is a great way to use glass bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Put your flowers on the windowsill or give your bottle flower vase to someone who needs a bit of cheering up! Decorating beer bottles is an easy way to reuse them! This beer bottle flower vase was inspired by two husband's love of good beer and my need to find a new purpose for all of the empty bottles!  We are passionate recyclers but … [Read more...]

10 Uses for Coffee Mugs As You Declutter Your Kitchen

Are you trying to declutter the kitchen this month?  It is definitely high on my to do list! Over the years, I have acquired a whole lot of coffee mugs. I got them from students when I taught preschool, as gifts from friends and family, and they come in sets of dishes when I really only needed the plates and bowls.  Now I find myself looking for creative uses for coffee mugs because my cabinets are overflowing with too many mugs!  Since I pretty much only use one or two a day, this leaves me with dozens of the darn things just … [Read more...]