Easy Bat Craft Project for Kids Makes Upcycling Fun!

This easy bat craft project for kids makes upcycling fun!  Crafting is a great way to spend a chilly, October afternoon.  With Halloween quickly approaching, getting into the spooky spirit of the holiday is a fun activity to keep kids busy.  Crafting is always a lot more eco-friendly when you can take things you find around your home and turn them into something new.  Not to mention the money you save on expensive 'craft kits' sold at a lot of specialty stores! This creepy little egg carton bat is a fun upcycled craft for Halloween.  You will … [Read more...]

Healthy Halloween Dessert: Candy Corn Fruit Parfait

Can I just let you all in on a little secret?  I actually LIKE candy corn.  I know...it is gross and artificially flavored and colored and leaves that weird taste in your mouth but for some reason I actually like the stuff.  Now, don't get me wrong....I don't want to sit down and eat a bowl of it or anything.  But a few pieces here or there right around Halloween is a huge treat.  I decided to combine my love of candy corn with my need to eat healthier and this candy corn fruit parfait is the result!  A healthy Halloween dessert that makes me … [Read more...]

Paranormal Prom Halloween Party Ideas

This Halloween part ideas post has been inspired by a product I received to review at no charge but all opinions expressed here are my own.This weekend, my daughter's Girl Scout Troop was in charge of organizing their Service Unit Halloween Party.  They have been planning this activity for months and came up with some great Halloween party ideas that made this event a big success.  One thing I love about the Girl Scouts is that it teaches the girls to be self sufficient.  They came up with the theme, put together party games, made signs and … [Read more...]