5 Unusual Reasons to Build a Backyard Garden

Have you been wondering whether or not you should build a backyard garden? The first time I planted something in the ground was 13 years ago.  I didn’t give it much thought.  My 3 year old brought home a Lima bean plant he grew in preschool.  He begged me to plant it.  I HATE Lima beans but I was going to help that boy grow the most awesome Lima bean plant ever found in Georgia.  I dug out a patch of grass in the side yard and stuck that spindly little plant in the ground.

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Lima Beans and Reasons to Build a Backyard Garden

Photo By Ton Rulkens from Mozambique via Wikimedia Commons

If I recall correctly, we didn’t get many Lima beans off of that plant but boy did my kid have fun watering it and staring at it every afternoon.  Gardening is about SOOO much more than growing food!  Over the years, I have planted a lot of gardens.  Most of those gardens have yielded very little food.  Sure, I can go out every few days and come in with a small bowl of fruits and veggies but considering how much work is involved in gardening, why do people keep doing it?  I thought I would share with you a few unusual reasons why YOU should build a backyard garden this spring.  Reasons that have nothing to do with the actual food you may or may not get off of your plants!

5 Weird Reasons to Build a Backyard Garden

5 Unusual Reasons to Build a Backyard Garden

Never again wonder what photos to share on social media:  Ever look at your Instagram feed and see…food, kid, food, kid…and think you need to liven things up?  Gardeners are OBSESSED with sharing photos of their gardens.  They share photos of plants, flowers on plants, tiny unripened berries, microscopic tomatoes, and delicious food they harvested all by themselves.  They also love to share photos of plant diseases and weird bugs they find in their garden.  Just think of the fun things you could add to your social media stream if you build a backyard garden!

Why build a backyard garden

Dirt is incredibly healthy:  Gardeners love dirt.  They love to dig in it, study it’s composition, and get it under their fingernails.  Okay, gardeners really hate dirt under fingernails but in general, gardeners enjoying playing in the soil.  And dirt is incredibly healthy! Check out CNN to learn why gardening is good for your health. Some soil microbes (otherwise know as bacteria that live in dirt) have actually been shown to increase the production and metabolism of serotonin….that stuff in your brain that makes you feel happy!   So, build a backyard garden and ditch the Prozac!

5 weird reasons to build a backyard garden

Lower your osteoporosis risk:  Okay, this one might sound boring but as a middle aged woman, I worry about my bones.  Especially since my grandmother broke her hip twice.  I drink my milk and take my calcium supplements but osteoporosis is something all women should learn more about.  According to the Mother Nature Network, women involved in yard work and other types of gardening exercises had lower rates of osteoporosis than joggers, swimmers and women who did aerobics. I would much rather be planting peas than trying to look coordinated in a step aerobics class so YAY for gardening and strong bones!

Social Butterflies and Why You SHould Build a Backyard Garden

You will always have something to talk about:  I am honestly a very socially awkward individual.  I am an introvert and usually avoid crowds, parties, get togethers and work functions at all costs.  I am that uptight looking chick in the corner clutching her glass of water like it’s a life preserver.  BUT, bring up the subject of gardening and I will talk for hours.  I may not know who the popular movie stars are and I guarantee I haven’t watched that new TV series but I can tell you how to grow hundreds of different sorts of plants and identify some pretty weird garden bugs.  I’m the life of the party, right?  Ok, probably not but at least I don’t have to hide in the corner the whole night! Build a backyard garden and you go from quiet wallflower to social butterfly!

5 weird reasons to build a backyard garden

It’s a great excuse to buy garden gnomes:  Okay, seriously…I love garden art in all it’s weird shapes and sizes.  I love making it myself, finding it at thrift stores and shopping for it at garden centers.  There is something incredibly enjoyable about adding bursts of weirdness to your backyard.  Bowling balls painted like ladybugs, flowers made from bottle caps, and creepy gnomes keeping an eye out for your neighbors cat.  You know you love shopping…build a backyard garden and have an excuse to spend a little cash on garden decor! Want to get started shopping right now?  Here is my affiliate link for some cute garden decor on Amazon!

So, are you convinced yet?  Are you ready to build a backyard garden this weekend?  Better hop to it before all the garden gnomes are gone!

Tell my something YOU enjoy about backyard gardening!

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  1. Those are some great reasons I have never thought of to grow a garden! I can't wait to start planting in spring. Oh and another weird reason is that if you grow veggies, it gives you a gift to give - everyone loves fresh vegetables, right? I do!
  2. I loved my garden. They're harder to grow in the AZ sun, but I got a lot of food from it. My husband started out to make me an above ground garden and has just never finished it. One day I'll be able to garden again.
  3. Ha, the social media pictures one is so funny! I had a garden once and I totally shared pictures about once a week. LOOK! It's growing!!
  4. Some of these are funny! I absolutely love my garden, and it's true, when you have one there's always something to talk about. I don't know how many times I've said "you'll never guess how many strawberries I picked today!". I can't wait to start planting for Spring!

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