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We are a family of foodies and many of our vacations and most memorable moments revolve around food.  This summer has been loaded with memorable moments like a summer pool party with homemade macaroni and cheese.  A stop in Buffalo, NY at the Anchor Bar to enjoy hot wings where they were first created.  Teaching my children how to make a healthy dinner this summer.  Food, family, and great summer memories all go hand in hand.  Having a serious sweet tooth I have found that a lot of my memorable moments involve chocolate.  When I was asked to attend an event recently for GODIVA I was more than a little thrilled!  What special event was GODIVA inviting us to a party for?  This summer, with the launch of GODIVA’s Trufflelata™ and Soft Serve, they want to encourage everyone to create a few memorable moments of their own!

GODIVA drinks #GODIVAsummer

So, what exactly is a Trufflelata™?  It is an amazing new frozen drink that actually has a GODIVA truffle or two blended up right inside!  You can get a Trufflelata™ in six delicious flavors: Chocolate Lava Cake, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Crème, Hazelnut Crunch, Milk Chocolate and Oreo® Cookie. They take a combination of chocolate powder, water, ice, and real GODIVA truffles and blend them into this brand new, one-of-a-kind frozen treat!  And lucky ME got to try all six flavors!  Talk about a pleasant way to spend an evening!  I can honestly say that I loved every single flavor but if I HAD to choose a favorite I would go with the Salted Caramel.  I love just about everything caramel so it really hit the spot! At only $6 it is a decadent way to create some wonderful summer moments!

GODIVA soft serve #GODIVAsummer

The other new frozen treat that GODIVA was celebrating that night is their new soft serve.  They have blended authentic, premium Belgian ingredients into a deliciously creamy soft serve that comes in three varieties: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate Vanilla Bean and Swirl.  You can get your soft serve in a variety of premium Belgian waffle cones, each one dipped in either milk or dark chocolate, or in a traditional five ounce cup.  It was incredibly creamy and a wonderful treat.  The White Chocolate Vanilla Bean was my favorite…you could see actual little vanilla beans in it and the flavor was amazing!

GODIVA truffles #GODIVAsummer

Of course, while I was spending the evening tasting delicious frozen treats I couldn’t help but drool over the other amazing creations that GODIVA offers.  My hands down favorite chocolate treat is a truffle.  They come in such a wide variety of flavors and the GODIVA truffles are incredibly rich and creamy.  Once our event was over I bought quite a few to bring home and share with my family.  Or maybe to HIDE and NOT share with my family! My favorite was the salted caramel (again!) but my daughter loved the strawberry varieties.  Just one little truffle after dinner has a way of making the stress of my day just fall away!

GODIVA giveaway #GODIVAsummer

While we were enjoying our evening of GODIVA treats we got to dip and decorate our own truffle pops!  What is a truffle pop?  Just what it sounds like…a truffle on a lolly pop stick!  Just dip in melted chocolate and sprinkle with chocolate shavings and cute little decorations!  Since my daughter was my guest for the evening she was thrilled to try her hand at truffle pop making!

GODIVA truffle pops #GODIVAsummer

I made a truffle pop myself too and thought it came out so cute!  What do you think?  A work of art, right?

GODIVA truffle pop #GODIVAsummer

GODIVA would love to send one of my readers a gift card so that they can create their own memorable moments!  You can use the card in any of their store locations to buy a frozen treat or shop online this holiday season for a gift for that special someone who you think deserves a treat.  Entering the contest is easy…  Just leave a comment to the question below.  Remember to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

GODIVA summer memories #GODIVAsummer

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Leave me a comment and let me know what your most memorable summer moment was!


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  1. Those are some fab photos! They all look so delicious! My mouth is watering right now!
  2. My most memorable summer moment was camping with friends and family.
  3. Rebecca Parsons says
    My most memorable summer moment was our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. We had such a great time.
  4. amber moody says
    My most memorable summer moment was when my parents took us all to a water park for my sisters birthday, it was so much fun!
  5. Stephanie W says
    Oh my goodness, the further I scrolled down this article the hungrier I got! All these GODIVA treats look incredible, especially the frozen ones - perfect for summer! My own most memorable summer moment was my family's annual stay in Sylvan Lake! I love relaxing on the shore, soaking in the sun and watching the people go by. :) Thanks for the great giveaway, fingers crossed!
  6. My most memorable summer moment was our trip to the zoo.
  7. Stacey A Smith says
    my most memorable summer moment was not this year but about 15 years ago went on a road trip to a few different was a blast.
  8. Valerie McElroy says
    My most memorable summer moment was touring Italy for 10 days with my daughter before her senior year of high school. It was awesome. She just left today for her senior year in college. I hope to be able to take another tour of another country with her again.
  9. Kayte CookWatts says
    Most memorable moment was finding out that I have a nephew coming in December!
  10. My most memorable moment was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time.
  11. My most memorable summer moment was having an awesome birthday/father's day party with my family! It would have been better with Godiva hehe!
  12. My most memorable summer moment was seeing my twin nephews being born. Eli & Isaac. It was beautifully amazing! Their full of energy and discovering their voices now.
  13. Playing outside w/my kids! We keep it simple and have a blast!
  14. My most memorable summer moment was my daughter's high school graduation.
  15. Graduating from grad school therefore being able to spend more time with family and friends. It's been wonderful and very much memorable.
  16. The most memorable summer moment was getting Ashley moved into her first apartment, and ready for her first teaching job!
    My most memorable summer moment is that my soulmate/bff love of my life, husband Todd and I got to do the #1 thing on BOTH of our bucket lists! We got to swim with dolphins and even kiss them on the mouth! (See pic on your fb post) We also got to swim with, pet and hand feed sting rays, some 5 ft in diameter and hand feed and hold a wide variety of exotic birds of all sizes and colors and go on an underwater Seaventure walk in diving helmets, all at Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL... we spent the entire day there and it was more than awesome, it felt almost surreal! We'll treasure those memories forever! : )
  18. My most memorable summer moment was taking my friend's horses out on a weekend camping trip. So much fun!
  19. Linda Bundrick says
    My most memorable summer moment was taking a family vacation to Florida this summer and just enjoying each other's company !!
  20. My most memorable summer moment has been relaxing by the pool as much as possible!
  21. My most memorable summer moment was getting a great job offer after years of unemployment. I get to move to a new city and have a fresh start!!
  22. My most memorable summer moment was a road trip to the Mall of America with my Mom.
  23. Our tip to Bahamas!! We had a great time and tried fly fishing for the first time.
  24. When we hiked a mountain! :)
  25. Kimberly Flickinger says
    My most memorable part of this summer was turning 41 on 7/4 and celebrating it with friends and family at the Henry Ford Museum watching the fireworks.
  26. My most memorable summer moments was camping with my family. Smores, Yahtzee, playing night games with other children near by. It was such a fun time and has made me love camping as an adult! :)
  27. Tracy Robertson says
    My most memorable summer moment was getting away for a short trip and really getting a chance to relax! Since I only took 3 days off I get to do it again this summer, yay! BTW, I love Godiva Chocolates!

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