Giving My Kids Music Gifts Makes Us All Happy!

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Thank you, Fender, for sponsoring this post about kids music gifts. Learn guitar at home with Fender Play!

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Like most teens, my kids have a long list of ‘wants’ when it comes to birthday and holiday gifts.  Some years, I have to say, NOPE, you can’t have that.  Like the baby sister my daughter asked for several years in a row.  That one wasn’t going to happen!  I’m always happy to give my kids music gifts, however, and there have been many!  Our home contains a piano, flute, piccolo, clarinet, about 5 guitars and a ukulele.  And probably a few other things I am forgetting!  Learning music has an amazing number of benefits.  If your child has ever asked to learn to play guitar, I encourage you to consider their request seriously and enter the guitar giveaway below.  If you already have a guitar, consider getting them a subscription to the online Fender Play guitar instruction program. Giving my kids music gifts means that we are ALL happy on Christmas morning.

Give the Gift of Music with Fender and Fender Play 3

5 Reasons to Give Your Kids Music Gifts This Year

Are you on the fence about getting your kids music gifts this year? I thought I would share a few reasons why your children should take up music as a hobby.

  • Kids who play an instrument tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than those who don’t
  • Students in high-quality school music education programs score higher on standardized tests. While I hate standardized tests, that is how they get their foot in the door at college.
  • Studies seem to indicate that music improves children’s memory.
  • Children who play a musical instrument have better coordination and motor skills.
  • Kids who learn guitar do well socially – they’re more confident, develop coordination and math skills, concentration and more.

There are literally hundreds of studies online that have shown the emotional, educational, and behavioral benefits of music for children. As a result, I am much more likely to give my kids music gifts than I am to get them high priced clothes or the hottest new ‘toy’ on the market today.

5 Reasons to Give Your Kids Music Gifts This Year

Give the Gift of Music with Fender

Fender is a well known and highly trusted guitar brand in my house.  My husband has been playing guitar since HE was in high school and Fender has been with him all along!  Fender is perfect for everyone, from beginner musicians to the world’s most well-known rock stars.  They are the world’s largest manufacturer of guitars and have a wide range of products to fit your budget and technical needs.  They also have an amazing program for online guitar lessons called Fender Play.  You can read all about it in my post about taking guitar lessons at home.

Give the Gift of Music with Fender and Fender Play!

Rocking Out with Fender Play

My son and daughter have both used the FenderPlay online program and while my daughter loves the Pop music selection, my son’s musical tastes lay elsewhere.  He was excited to see a wide variety of rock songs.  They both love that the customized curriculum is based on their musical preferences. They call it your ‘Path to Play’. My son’s Path to Play is definitely Rock! He played guitar for several years when he was younger and FenderPlay is a great way for him to relearn it even though he has an incredibly busy schedule.

Give the Gift of Music with Fender and Fender Play

Fender Play makes learning guitar at home incredibly convenient. I love knowing my kids have music in their lives.  Whether it is playing in the band at school or just playing alone in their rooms, there is some sort of music going on in this house just about every week.  One of their favorite features is that they can play along with the song they are learning.  It makes it easier to learn to play a song when you have the rhythm of ‘the real thing’  to listen to while you play!

If your children are asking for music gifts this year, you should definitely consider making the purchase.  Get them that guitar they always wanted and a subscription to the Fender Play program!

You can start your FREE 30-Day Trial at

5 Reasons to Give Your Kids Music Gifts This Year

Fender Guitar Starter Pack Giveaway

Fender is giving away guitars this holiday season!  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win!


[15] Fender Guitar Squier® Strat® Packs, each containing a Short-scale 24″ Stratocaster guitar in Black or Brown Sunburst, a Squier Frontman® 10G amplifier, a pack of picks, guitar strap, and a 10-foot instrument cable (ARV $199.99 each)

Winners will be randomly selected and notified by CLEVER and/or Fender by December 12, 2017

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Music is the greatest gift you can give a child! Thank you for the opportunity!
  2. Awesome giveaway.
  3. Awesome giveaway, thank-you for the opportunity.
  4. Amazing that you are going to make 15 families so happy! Hoping to win and have this under the Christmas tree for my daughter! Peace!
  5. Joseph Bertucci says
    I love music and hope my kids will grow and enjoy it as much as I do!
  6. Dwayne Fontenot says
    Thanks for giving this tremendous opportunity for young beginner musicians!! The gift of music last a Lifetime, and this will be a wonderful start for that journey for quite a few!

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