Helpful Skin Care Tips for Women

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A few years ago I hit the magical age of 40.  So far, I’m not all that impressed with this particular decade.  My metabolism has slowed down to the speed of a snail, I get injured just taking the dog for a walk, and my skin needs constant attention for one problem or another.  Getting old is definitely no picnic but I guess it is better than the alternative, right?  While I may FEEL 40, I don’t want people to actually look at me and KNOW than I am 40.  The first thing that gives away a woman’s age is her skin.  In order to trick people into thinking you are younger than you really are is to pamper your skin every single day!  If you want to look years younger than you really are, here are a few helpful skin care tips for women that might help.

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Helpful Skin Care Tips for Women

If you want to look years younger than you really are, here are a few helpful skin care tips for women that might help

1.  Drink Plenty of Water:  One of the easiest skin care tips for women I can provide is to boost your water intake. While we aren’t going to combat dry skin completely with 8 full glasses of water a day, our skin is about 15% water.  Making sure we drink enough water is a good first step towards healthy skin.  That doesn’t mean you can count ALL liquid as water intake.  Your morning coffee and lunchtime soda don’t really count!

2. Take the Right Vitamins:  A good multivitamin is a great first step to staying healthy but certain vitamins are particularly helpful for healthy skin.  Antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamins C, E, and A help prevent damage to skin from free radicals which can damage skin cells and cause it to age faster.

3. Use the Right Cleanser: Knowing the type of treatment your skin needs will help you choose the right product.  Skip the harsh soaps and cleansers and instead choose naturally derived skincare products that remove dirt and debris without overly drying the skin.

4. Exfoliate Gently: Our skin cells die continually and removing them gently will allow your skin to achieve a more healthy look.  Do not use a course scrub, instead choose a facial product specifically designed for exfoliating the sensitive skin of the face.

5. Remember to Moisturize:  Drinking enough water is important but it isn’t enough to rehydrate dry skin.  Don’t be fooled by the price tag, either.  Look for products marketed towards your particular skin’s needs. Rosy cheeks might need a sensitive formula and if your skin feels very tight after washing, choose a moisturizer that is slightly heavier.

6. Protect Yourself from the Sun:  One of the most important skin care tips for women I have found  is to protect my skin from too much sun exposure.  Living in the south makes this one challenging for me!  We avoid going to the pool unless we are under cover, have sunscreen or it is after 5 PM.  Using a light sunscreen every day can go a long way towards keeping your skin younger looking.

Want more skin care tips for women?  You can check out The Daily Makeover for 80 plus beauty tips and tricks that every woman should know!

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  1. That sounds like something I could use. Thanks for the review. Love coming to your blog.
  2. That Olay moisturizer looks so cool! I want to try it! You are right that drinking water is super helpful! I try to drink lots of water!
  3. Digna (Autumn Blues) says
    This is something new and different. I could use a moisturizer with sunscreen and this looks like a good choice.
  4. I actually love cleaning out my skin care products… Looking for expiration dates, lining them up in rows of “things that must be used now” and “things that can keep”…
    • I need to do this again...I get something new that I want to start using right away and end up leaving an inch of the old thing sitting around in the container!

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