Happiness in Middle Age means Mountains and Motorcycles!

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While my job keeps me at home and on the computer, I wouldn’t say that my chair is my happy place.  And as I have gotten older, I have come to appreciate moments of happiness more than ever.  I see so many people my age suffering from illness or injury, dealing with the death of loved ones or the stress of job loss.  Happiness is fleeting and not something to be tossed aside to achieve at some later date.  You never know what tomorrow brings, right?   Don’t put your life on pause for any reason, even the aches and pains of middle age. Take action and Hit Play right now!

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Happiness in Middle Age is Mountains and Motorcycles

Happiness in Middle Age

Happiness in middle age should be actively sought out and grabbed with both hands.  And for my husband and I, that means spending more time on our motorcycle and hiking in the mountains of North Georgia.

We have been riding together since we were in college.  In our 20’s, motorcycle riding was a cheap means of transportation.  In our 30’s it was a way for us to escape the kids for some much needed peace and quiet.  And now that we are in our 40’s, it is a way for us to reconnect with each other after weeks and months of job stress and too many things to do for house, home, and kids.  A long motorcycle ride with a few miles of hiking is a great way to spend those rare days off from work!

mount mitchell

Middle Aged Motorcycle Tips

Motorcycling has gotten a bit more challenging the older I get.  I am definitely not as nimble getting off and on the bike as I used to be! Knees pop and hips ache!  If you want to tackle the mountains on your motorcycle well into middle age, here are a couple of tips:

  • Shop smart. If you are just now considering buying a motorcycle, don’t buy the biggest one you can afford.  Smaller bikes are easier to ride, especially for new bikers.
  • Choose the right gear.  This is important for riders of all ages but make sure you invest in padded jackets with zipper vents, rain pants, and flexible but sturdy gloves.  The more comfortable you are, the more your body will thank you.
  • Plan regular stops.  We usually like to stop at least once every two hours.  Less often is even better if you aren’t in a hurry and have time to relax.
  • Don’t let pain prevent you from riding!  My husband and I both have an assortment of aches and pains.  Achy hips, sore knees, and stiff hands are a definitely problem for motorcycle riders.   Stretch regularly, combine your motorcycle trip with some hiking, and work on staying in shape before you even mount that bike!

Knee Pain

Don’t Pause Your Life Due to Knee Pain!

So many people put their life on pause when dealing with hip and knee pain or limited mobility.  You can still take action and hit play on your life even if you are dealing with occasional pain.  There are numerous exercises you can do to increase mobility and supplements that may help reduce pain and inflammation.

If you still struggle with knee and hip pain, take steps to find out if joint replacement surgery is an option to get you back to doing the things you love. Because life is a lot more fun when you Hit Play. Want to find a physician in your area who you can talk to about potential solutions to your hip and knee pain? Find out more at TimeToHitPlay.com.

Mountains and Motorcycles


 Get Your Happiness in Gear!

Honestly, life is unpredictable.  I don’t want to keep putting off living until some vague later date when I have more time.  Or more energy.  Or less pain.  I am going to grab happiness with both hands, strap on my helmet and hold on tight!

How do YOU find happiness in middle age?

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  1. Looks like the perfect get away to me. We don't have bikes but hope to sometime after the kids are out of the house, just a few more years. I used to ride during college and miss it. We do some camping but it's by car now, at least I can still wander though.
  2. Our happiness now comes from doing most anything with good friends. Whether riding a bike, playing a game or eating out, it is so much better when you're with people you actually like!
  3. My kids are still little, so our happiness comes from soaking in the moments with them. I love the idea of not letting anything make you press pause on making those memories. No pain should stop you from having fun.
  4. My happiness comes from all over the place. I love giving just about anything a new try :)
  5. That looks like so much fun. I can tell spending time with your husband being active doing fun stuff you love, like motorcycles, mountains, and camping, is keeping you young and joyful!

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