Guitar Lessons at Home are Convenient for Busy Teens

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Growing up, my husband and I were both passionate about music.  He played guitar, I played flute in the band, and music played a big part in our lives. Fast forward 20 years or so and now our children are just as passionate about music as we were.  We have half a dozen instruments in this house in addition to multiple stereo systems. Music is an outlet we all enjoy, whether we are playing it or just listening to it! I’m glad that my children have discovered the same joy of music that my husband and I had in our own youth.

Guitar Lessons at Home with Fender Play

Guitar Lessons at Home are Convenient for Busy Teens

Music is incredibly beneficial to kids.  Children who learn to play an instrument tend to do well socially.  They’re more confident, develop better coordination and tend to have improved math skills.   Music lessons have always been something that I am willing to spend the time and money on for my kids.  Of course, finding the time isn’t always easy!

Guitar Lessons at Home with Fender Play

Finding Time for Music Lessons

Like many teens, my kids have several activities that they are involved in.  There are sports lessons to go to, after school clubs to attend, and friends to socialize with.  It makes finding time for music lessons difficult.  We spent years driving our children back and forth to music lessons.  It became stressful at times.  It seemed like music lessons were always scheduled the night before a big exam or on a day that my husband had to work late.  When I was asked to participate in the Fender Play program to try out online guitar lessons at home, I thought it would be the perfect solution!

Fender Learn to Play Guitar

What is Fender Play

Fender Play is an amazingly convenient way to enjoy guitar lessons at home.  It is an online learning program that teaches new guitar players how to get started playing in minutes.  They offer hundreds of instructional videos and hands-on exercises.  The thing my daughter really loved about Fender Play was that it allows you to choose a learning path based on your musical preferences. When she took piano lessons at a local church, the only things she was allowed to play were hymns and that really didn’t interest her all that much.  You can choose from pop, rock, blues, folk, or country.  Of course, she chose pop since that is her favorite style of music.

Fender playing guitar


The curriculum is designed so that after a few short lessons, a player will be able to learn something new, whether it’s a skill, a recognizable riff or a full song.  She started off just learning how to pick a few strings to create simple notes.  She then moved on to strumming chords.  Of course, she has only been at this for a few weeks but I am really impressed at how quickly she is progressing with these guitar lessons at home.  Check it out in the video below!

Fender Play helps break down the songs so that they are easy to learn. The curriculum is put together by experts and Fender is one of the leading guitar brands on the market today.  It’s certainly a name that I remember from my own musical youth!

Online Guitar Lessons at Home

Some thoughts from my daughter:

What she enjoyed:

  • She was very excited to find her favorite genre of music, including some fairly big pop songs that she really loves.
  • The video instructions were very easy to follow and showed you the fingering and frets from several different angles.
  • She was glad to see difficulty ratings on the songs so she knew which ones she should tackle first.
  • There were links to the actual songs in iTunes so that she could listen to the full song online before attempting to play it.

What she would love to see:

  • She would love to see a wider variety of songs to choose from
  • A few even more basic songs would be helpful

Learn to Play Guitar

Want Online Guitar Lesson? Choose Fender Play!

If online guitar lessons at home sound like they are the perfect fit for your own family, Fender Play can help!   You can start your FREE 30-Day Trial at After a few short lessons, you should be able to show off something new!  Whether it’s a skill, a recognizable riff or a full song, learning guitar online is easy with Fender Play!

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  1. This sounds like a great way to introduce your teen to the guitar without hunting for lessons locally!
  2. I did Fender DVDs when I was a teen!!! I loved learning on my own!
  3. This is just what my daughter needs. She is building her own guitar from a DIY kit she got for her birthday but she is woodburning it and really customizing it. Then she wants to learn how to play and getting around is hard.
  4. It's amazing how many things you can do from home now. I always wished I learned how to play an instrument.

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