Earn Cash Back Shopping Online and Give to Charity with Giving Assistant!

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Once upon a time, I lived in a rather small town.  I could go into my favorite retailer and buy the items I needed without much hassle.  In and out without a bunch of fuss. Now, however, I live in a major metropolitan area.  Great, right?  More stores to choose from!  However, shopping has become a major source of stress in my life.  Do you know how much traffic there is out there on the roads?  Do you have any idea what the crowds are like in those stores, especially during this chaotic season of back to school shopping?  It is the stuff of nightmares, I tell you!  And of course, once I make it into the store, I usually find that all the good deals that were advertised in the newspaper are no longer available.  The other 47 million shoppers to get there before me stripped the shelves bare.  I have become a huge fan of shopping online because actually going into a store around here is a huge amount of work.  And the great thing about online shopping?  I can earn cash back shopping online and never leave the comfort of my living room.  More money and less work.  Sounds good to me!  Want to know how you can participate?  Giving Assistant not only makes it easy to earn cash back shopping online but they make it a breeze to donate some of that money to your favorite charity, too.

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online


What is Giving Assistant?

Giving Assistant is a cash back shopping portal that has partnered with thousands of online retailers so that you can earn cash back shopping online.  You shop at your favorite merchant by clicking through to their site from the Giving Assistant website.  Use their coupon codes to save money on purchases you need to make.  Then, a small percentage of the money you spend gets deposited into your account with no more work from you.   You average 5% cash reward after each online purchase.  You get to choose whether to keep 100% of the money you earn or to give a percentage of that cash back to your favorite charity.  It’s that easy.  You shop online, avoiding the hassle of traffic and crowds.  And you know what’s even better? For every purchase you make through Giving Assistant, they make a donation to Feeding America.  They give one meal to charity every time cash back is earned. You earn money for both you AND your favorite charity. Hungry families get dinner.  Everyone wins, right?  So, how do you sign up?

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Step One:  Set up an account on GivingAssitant.com

Signing up is totally free and incredibly easy to do.  Log in via Facebook or enter your name and email address.  If you want to be paid via PayPal (they have a low $5 payment threshold!) you need to use your PayPal email address.

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Step Two:  Select Your Payment Method:

You need to finalize a few details to your account before you start shopping and one of those is how you want to be paid.  When you earn cash back shopping online through Giving Assistant, you can get that payment via PayPal or a check directly to your mailbox.  Both methods are fee-free to you with over a $5.00 current balance.

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Step 3:  Choose your charity:

You don’t HAVE to choose a charity.  If you want 100% of your online shopping earnings to go directly to you, that is an option.  You can choose from a ton of different charities if you choose to donate.  You can also donate any percentage of your earnings you choose by moving the little slider back and forth.  I was thrilled to find the Appalachian Trail Conservancy available as a charity.  My family loves hiking and I have hiked a few small sections of the trail throughout the years.  I love supporting this charity so that others can find the same enjoyment that I have with hiking trails!

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Step 4 Start Shopping:

Now comes the fun part!  You get to start shopping and earning money for both you AND your favorite charity.  Enter your favorite store in the search bar located at the top of the page. With over 1600 stores to choose from (including Amazon!) you will almost definitely find what you are looking for. In order to qualify to earn cash back shopping online through Giving Assistant, you must click the link to the retailer via the Giving Assistant website and make your purchase within 24 hours.  This will earn you your cash back as well as earn a meal for a hungry family through Feeding America.  It’s as simple as that!

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Step 5: Watch Your Money Add Up!

Want to see how much money you earned?  Just click on your account link on the Giving Assistant homepage and watch the pennies add up.  I just opened the account and made one small purchase through Staples for my kid’s back to school supplies.  The purchase registered in my account within 24 hours.  Once you hit the $5 mark, you can get your earnings via PayPal or a check, depending on your personal preference.  Remember, not only do you earn cash back for you and/or a charity of your choice but you also earn a free meal donation through Feeding America.

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online


Shop Featured Deals:

Want to save even more money while shopping online?  You can choose from a ton of featured deals and get coupon codes for greater savings.  Browse through the ones listed on their home page or enter the store name in the search bar and the featured deals for that store will pop right up.  Love gardening as much as I do?  You can shop online at Gardener’s Supply Company right through the Giving Assistant website!  Earn money while enjoying your favorite hobby!  Works for me!  Love DIY projects and home repair? Shop at Lowes through Giving Assistant and earn money for your favorite charity!  The number of stores you can choose from and the available deals are rather impressive!

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Giving Assistant’s Cash Back Promise

  • Double Cash Back, Always. 
We give you 100% of the commission, unlike the other guys with just 50% of the commission.
  • We pay in days direct to your secure debit card. Not months
 waiting for a check in the mail like other cash back sites. Minimum payout is just $5.01, not $25 like the other guys.
  • Hassle Free Guarantee. 
Missing cashback? Giving Assistant has the best customer service in the industry to make sure you get your full cash back amount.

Giving Assistant and How to Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Earn $5 right now!

Want to get started earning money right now?   If you sign up using my referral link, you will receive $5. If you make a purchase, I also get $5. It’s a  win-win for everyone! Once you sign up,  you will get your own referral link in case you want to spread the love and start earning even more money! There is no limit to the amount of cash you can earn from referrals.  Head over to Giving Assistant and start earning now!

Does earning cash back for charities make you want to shop online?

Click to Sign Up and Start Earning!

Earn Cash Back Shopping Online


Earn Money Shopping Online


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  1. This sounds like a super easy to earn cash rewards and to give to charity. I love this idea, I am going to have to check this out!
  2. Giving Assistant is new to me. I'm anxious to learn more though as I love a good deal and saving money. I also do almost all of my shopping online.
  3. I've never heard of Giving Assistant, but I definitely want to check it out now. I like anything that makes it easy for me to shop for my favorite causes.

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