Christmas Storage Solutions for Easy Post Holiday Organizing

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Christmas comes with lots of fanfare.  There are ornaments and wreaths, wrapping paper and bows, not to mention very large trees.  In about 3 weeks, you are going to need some creative Christmas storage solutions for post holiday organizing.  Unless you plan on leaving all those decorations up until summer.  I don’t really recommend that plan!  In partnership with Walter Drake, I am sharing a few organizing ideas that may come in handy as you pack away your tinsel and ribbons!

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Christmas Storage Solutions for Post Holiday Organizing

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Christmas Storage Solutions for Post Holiday Organizing

How many times have you pulled out last year’s Christmas decorations only to find a broken ornament or tangled lights?  Knowing how to store Christmas ornaments and decorations will preserve special memories as well as save you money.  Here are a few Christmas storage solutions for post holiday organizing this year.

  • Christmas Wreath Storage Bag:  A Christmas wreath storage bag is a must-have item to keep your wreath from getting smashed in the attic.  The Walter Drake Christmas wreath storage bag also stores holiday garland, festive throw pillows and more. 
  • Artificial Tree Storage Bag: You obviously can’t leave your Christmas tree up year round, right?  For people with artificial Christmas trees, storage becomes a problem.  Place the tree in an Artificial Tree Storage Bag to keep your tree looking new year after year!

  • Gift Wrap Storage Bag Organizer:  With all that gift wrapping, you accumulate quite a bit of wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, bags, and tissue paper.  A Gift Wrap Storage Bag Organizer will prevent your holiday paper from getting wrinkled and your gift labels from becoming lost. Make sure it contains lots of compartments organizing bows, gift tags, ta, e and scissors.

  • Stacking Media Storage Boxes: Unless your kids are watching Christmas movies in July, you really don’t need to have them sitting on the shelves all year.  Invest in a few Stacking Media Storage Boxes and pack away your Christmas videos and those holiday CDs.

  • Ornament Storage Box: Knowing how to store Christmas ornaments will save you a lot of heartbreak.  Don’t risk breaking that macaroni angle your kid made or that hand blown glass ornament you bought on your honeymoon.  Invest in an ornament storage box to keep them safe.

Christmas Storage Solutions for Easy Post Holiday Organizing

Other Christmas storage tips:

While having the best Christmas storage solutions is key, some things need a little extra attention and knowhow!  Here are a few more Christmas storage tips to help you get a handle on that holiday decor chaos!

  • Tie up your leftover ribbon from presents that have been both received and given. Fold them neatly in a shoebox and sort them by color if possible.  Next year, you can save money by reusing your old ribbon.
  • Tired of untangling holiday lights? Wrap them around a sturdy piece of cardboard.  Then, store all of your sections in a rolling storage bin. Next year, roll your bin from the driveway to the front door to make stringing them easier. Knowing how to store Christmas lights tangle free will help prevent SO much stress next year!
  • Store beaded garland in plastic bottles.  One or two beads of garland in a soda bottle will stop that giant tangled mess they can often turn into.  The beads won’t get stuck! They easily slide out when you tip the bottle over.

Christmas Storage Solutions for Easy Post Holiday Organizing

Plan for Christmas Storage NOW

I don’t know about you but I like to start my new year off by getting the house clean and organized.  That means I am putting organizing Christmas decorations on New Year’s Day.  Sure, the garland is pretty and I love the smell of pine but after a few weeks, I am ready to put it all away and start my new year off on a less cluttered path.  That means you need to figure out the best way to store Christmas ornaments and decor NOW and order a few of these Christmas storage solutions while you are doing your holiday shopping.  Want to get your holiday decorations organized?  Check out Walter Drake for ideas!

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Christmas Storage Solutions for Easy Post Holiday Organizing

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  1. I have a ton of Christmas decor that I need to store each year. We have a Christmas tree storage bag for our artificial bag which has been great. I really need to invest in a wreath bag and some more ornament storage bags too!

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