10 Uses for Coffee Mugs As You Declutter Your Kitchen

Are you trying to declutter the kitchen this month?  It is definitely high on my to do list! Over the years, I have acquired a whole lot of coffee mugs. I got them from students when I taught preschool, as gifts from friends and family, and they come in sets of dishes when I really only needed the plates and bowls.  Now I find myself looking for creative uses for coffee mugs because my cabinets are overflowing with too many mugs!  Since I pretty much only use one or two a day, this leaves me with dozens of the darn things just … [Read more...]

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles Instead of Tossing Them Out!

My nightly routine usually involves a glass of wine.  No, I don't have a drinking problem, I just like wine, snacks, tv and peace and quite for 30 minutes after my kids go to bed. That means I have plenty of empty wine bottles sitting around.  I have started looking for creative ways to reuse wine bottles instead of throwing them out.  Of course, I usually toss them in the recycling bin but finding new uses for old things has become a bit of an obsession for me.  Why spend money on things when I can upcycle, recycle or reuse something I already … [Read more...]