Home Odor Control Tips for Families with Stinky Boys!

I am the owner of one teenage son.  There are days I am very thankful for this and other days that I would happily trade him in for 10 hormonal teenage girls.  For those of you who do not have your own teenage boy, there are a few things you might not know about them.  Teenage boys think potty humor is hilarious.  They apparently live to torment their younger siblings and think parents are about the most UNcool thing ever created.  Teenage boys eat constantly and are incapable of noticing the mess they create while they do it.  And the most … [Read more...]

Easy Odor Control with Homemade Sneaker Sachets

I am lucky that my family is very active.  They run, play tennis, do martial arts, etc.  That leaves me with 4 pairs of sneakers that end up smelling not so fresh by the end of the week.  Since I can't afford to buy everyone new sneakers when they start to smell toxic, I decided to start trying to freshen them naturally with a few ingredients I had lying around the house.  This is a very simple way to keep your family's sneakers smelling fresh.  If you are dealing with a stinky teenage boy like I am, you will find this odor control tip very … [Read more...]

Natural Dryer Sheets For Your Laundry!

Why should you learn how to make natural dryer sheets for your laundry?  Because this DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets recipe will save you money on laundry. It also skips the harsh chemicals in traditional dryer sheets. These awesome, eco-friendly and reusable dryer sheets are so easy to make using old rags. Why make homemade dryer sheets? I am not a huge fan of store bought dryer sheets for a number of reasons.  I think they are seriously a waste of money and create a huge amount of unnecessary trash.  Not to mention … [Read more...]

How to Clean Your Dishwasher: The Grimy Reality!

Okay, so I am really a very neat person and while my house isn't showcase worthy, I would not be embarrassed to have people over to visit without too much advanced notice.  Lately, though, I have noticed that my dishwasher is starting to take on a life of its own.  We are starting to notice bits and pieces of crud on our dishes and a quick peak inside has us wondering what that layer of ick is that looks like it could get up and walk away.  So, I started trying to figure out how to clean it.  What did I do first?  Head to my computer and Google … [Read more...]