DIY Anti Static Spray and Getting Rid of Static Cling

I am so darn ecstatic that cool weather is finally starting to set in.  I haven't had to turn the heat on quite yet but with temps dropping quickly, it won't be much longer.  You know what happens as soon as I turn on the heat?  Static electricity!  And with a serious love of wool, getting rid of static cling seems to be a daily battle!  I decided to put together a DIY anti static spray today to get ready for the electrical currents that will soon start driving me nuts! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a … [Read more...]

Natural Dryer Sheets For Your Laundry!

Why should you learn how to make natural dryer sheets for your laundry?  Because this DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets recipe will save you money on laundry. It also skips the harsh chemicals in traditional dryer sheets. These awesome, eco-friendly and reusable dryer sheets are so easy to make using old rags. Why make homemade dryer sheets? I am not a huge fan of store bought dryer sheets for a number of reasons.  I think they are seriously a waste of money and create a huge amount of unnecessary trash.  Not to mention … [Read more...]