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The Guilty Innocent is Book 2 in the ‘Knights of the Darkness Chronicles’. While I have not read the first book in the series yet, the author give a great intro that gets the reader caught up to what has happened so far. In The Guilty Innocent, Natasha’s best friend has been murdered and Darian, one of her very sexy and powerful vampire friends, has been framed for the murder.  It is up to Natasha, Xavier (Darian’s boyfriend), and a few of their associates to figure out why and by whom.  Unfortunately, they only have 7 days before Darian goes to trial and as a very old and powerful vampire, he will not sit quietly back and be framed for something he did not do.  In an effort to prevent a bloodbath, Natasha and the group must delve into why the Russian mafia is involved and figure out how to save Darian from a legal system that is jumping at the chance to convict such a powerful vampire.  With Natasha’s clairvoyance and a few very powerful friends, she jumps in ready to save a man that she has come to care very much about.

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The Guilty Innocent

The Guilty Innocent

This is a very good length story and the author has put a lot of thought into the creation of a complex plot and well written characters.  I thought Natasha was a nice balance between innocence and kick butt fighter.  She holds her own against Eloise, one of the women helping clear Darian’s name, but seems very shy when it comes to the needs of her male vampire friends.  Vampire feedings tend to be sexual in nature and the guys’ openness about this very basic need tends to embarrass her a bit.  She is both feisty and reserved which makes for an interesting combination.  Xavier and the other characters are equally well written.  There is humor, angst, anger and tenderness between them all that gives the book a well rounded feel.

The story line of this book is fast paced and full of action.  The group’s trip to Russia to clear Darian’s name is filled with adventure and it is easy to get caught up in the story.  You really want to keep turning the pages to see what happens next.  Gun yielding waiters, kidnapping, and general mayhem abound.  There is also plenty of sexual tension and when Darian is finally cleared of the murder, he, Xavier and Natasha decide to make a go of the threesome they seem to be so drawn to.  Depending on your comfort level when it comes to sex, you may or may not enjoy that aspect of the book. However, the story is almost all plot, character development and mystery with only a tad bit of sex thrown in to keep things interesting.  I think the author did a good job making sure that the book was about the story and not the sex.  Although, the scenes between them are definitely steamy!

There were a few things I might have changed about the book…I really wish that Darian had played a bigger part in it instead of being stuck in jail for the entire book.  For someone who played such a major part of the plot, we really didn’t get to know him at all.  Also, this book is written totally from Natasha’s perspective so I felt at times that I didn’t get to know Xavier all that well either.  He seemed to have more of a story to tell than I got to hear.  In general, though, I enjoyed the book and and it was definitely a page turner.

The Guilty Innocent

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