Shopping at DICKS Sporting Goods and Supporting Youth Sports

This post has been sponsored by DICKS Sporting Goods but all opinions expressed here are my own. Christmas is coming up faster than I can deal with and I am in full shopping mode this week.  Gifts for kids, my husband, my parents and for a needy family at our church are on my shopping list and I found a ton of great ideas at DICKS Sporting Goods this weekend.  Since fitness, health, and exploring the outdoors are all high on my list of great ways to spend your free time, I was really impressed with the selection of items that I found there. … [Read more...]

Find Your Perfect Car Match with Capital One’s Auto Navigator

This post about how to Find Your Perfect Car Match has been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own. When my husband and I moved to the Atlanta area, we were young, expecting a new baby and incredibly active in dog training and competition.  We had very specific needs for our new car.  It had to be an extended cab pickup truck with a cap on the back.  It would give us room for car seats within the cab itself and room for our two shepherds and all their training gear in the back.  Unfortunately, it was the very first year that … [Read more...]

Earn Cash Back Shopping Online and Give to Charity with Giving Assistant!

This post about how to earn cash back shopping online has been sponsored by Giving Assistant but all opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. Once upon a time, I lived in a rather small town.  I could go into my favorite retailer and buy the items I needed without much hassle.  In and out without a bunch of fuss. Now, however, I live in a major metropolitan area.  Great, right?  More stores to choose from!  However, shopping has become a major source of stress in my life.  Do you know how much traffic there is … [Read more...]

Consignment Sale Tips from a Veteran Shopper

With summer quickly passing by, these consignment sale tips will come in handy as the school year approaches.  After traveling for the last two weeks, the last thing I want to think about is back to school shopping but I have no choice.  My kids start school again in only a few weeks. When my husband and I moved to the Atlanta area 17 years ago I was 7 months pregnant with my first child.  My husband was fresh out of graduate school, we had no family or friends here and  I was unemployed.  In other words...we were broke and about to become even … [Read more...]

Gifts for Teen Girls and Easy Nail Art at Five Below

This post about gifts for teen girls and easy nail art has been sponsored by SheSpeaks and Five Below.  All opinions are my own. Fall is a particularly busy time of year and definitely the hardest for us to budget for.  There are a number of holidays and birthdays over the next few months that require gift giving, goodie bags, party supplies, and an assortment of other budget breakers.  Gifts for teens can get pricey, not to mention they can be difficult to even find.  What gifts for teen girls will be a hit and which will fall flat?  I … [Read more...]

Back to School Survival Tips for Busy Moms

Back to school season is upon us and moms are stressed out.  There are shoes to buy and school supply lists to analyze.  We battle crowds, listen to toddlers whine and threaten teenagers with bodily harm if they choose one more outfit that doesn't meet school dress code requirements.  Back to school survival requires an awful lot of patience and a whole lot of planning.  As a mom who has gone through the whole back to school thing a number of times already, I thought I would share a few tips to help make your back to school … [Read more...]

Christmas Fashion Traditions and Holiday Savings at Sears #MoreMerry

This Christmas fashion post has been sponsored.  I am a Sears blogger and all opinions are my own. In my house, Christmas is all about traditions.  There are certain things we do every, single year and my children do not respond well to change!  I have suggested a few changes to our holiday traditions now that they are older and have been met with very vocal resistance!  I do NOT mess with our Christmas traditions and several of those revolve around clothing! Christmas Eve is church...that is a mandatory in our house. And even though … [Read more...]

Choose Target Pharmacy and Flip the Script! #TargetSponsored

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own. Summer is finally coming to an end and that means we are heading into the season of fall sports, class projects and a need for lots of vitamins to stay healthy this winter.  Target is my one stop shop for all of these things!  I can find just about everything I need for my kids at Target with the benefit of being able to pick up some last minute groceries and visit the Target Pharmacy for prescriptions at the same time.  Less time running from store to store … [Read more...]

Celebrate @Kmart Layaway with a New Dance Craze! #KmartLayawayDance

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own This weekend, I was taking my daughter and a friend of hers to the movies and they were in the back seat of the car giggling.  Since teenage girls giggle quite a bit I didn't think much of it but eventually my curiosity won out.  When I turned to ask them what was so funny they showed me a short video clip of her friend dancing to a music video.  The music was hip and upbeat and she was clearly having a blast...they laughed over that dance video for quite a … [Read more...]

Organizing your Home in Style with @Kmart

This post about organizing your home has been sponsored by Kmart.  I am a Kmart blogger but all opinions expressed here are my own. Winter in my house tends to leave behind an awful lot of clutter.  Hats, scarves and mittens, though used infrequently, seem to pile up near vents or randomly stuffed into places they don't belong.  Like toy boxes, book bags, or the basket of magazines I have yet to read.  Holiday gifts take forever to find new homes and by this time of year my house is starting to look a bit tattered around the edges.  Now that … [Read more...]