Parenting Teens: Sometimes it Pays to be Stealthy!

Thankyou to ManCave for sponsoring this post about parenting teens.  All opinions expressed here are my own. Before I had kids I knew that I wanted to have a boy first, then a girl.  I had it all planned out....the older boy child would protect and care for his little sister and they would love each other unconditionally.  Um....yeah, right!  God is up there laughing at me right now for my stupidity!  Sure, I got the boy first and then the girl.  And that is where my dreams come to a screeching halt.  As a small boy, he could have cared less … [Read more...]

Rent Textbooks with CampusBookRental and Support Operation Smiles

This post about how to rent textbooks is sponsored by CampusBookRentals but all opinions expressed here are my own. Every year my husband and I try to tuck away a small amount of money into a college fund for our kids.  College tuition is not cheap and I have less than 5 years before my first child heads off in search of higher learning.  While we have high hopes that they qualify for a scholarship, I am not keeping my fingers crossed.  Of course, looking at our pitifully small savings so far, we are going to have to be frugal when college … [Read more...]

Sanity Saving Products for New Moms #Graco15ForMe

This post about products for new moms has been sponsored by Graco and Global Influence but all opinions expressed are my own. Thinking back to when I first gave birth to my children I am seriously amazed that I didn't have a nervous breakdown within their first year of life.  I had no family around, we had only lived in Georgia for a couple of months so I had very few friends, and I had almost zero experience with babies.  Everyone told me that breastfeeding would be simple and to let instincts guide me.  Yeah, that was pretty much a load of … [Read more...]

Raising Teens: Making Girls Unstoppable

This post about Raising Teens has been sponsored by Global Influence but all opinions expressed here are my own. When my children were younger, I thought I had things rough.  Temper tantrums, skinned knees, and that pouty bottom lip that quivered every time I said NO.  Boy, I never realized how easy things were until my kids hit their teenage years.  Raising teens is by far the hardest thing I have ever done so far.  Now instead of skinned knees and nap time I have to worry about school bullies and internet porn.  Seriously....if I survive … [Read more...]

Napping Tips: How To Become a Napping House!

When my children were babies, I was absolutely rigid about our nap schedule.  No matter what we were doing at 2 PM in the afternoon, we went home to take a nap.  The toddler and baby and mommy ALL slept for an hour and we were all much happier for the rest of the day.  My friends didn't understand my slightly obsessive need to have my kids asleep in the afternoon but then again, they didn't have to live with the holy terrors who didn't nap, either.  On the weekends, my husband joined us in the napping session and for an hour, our house was … [Read more...]

Easy Odor Control with Homemade Sneaker Sachets

I am lucky that my family is very active.  They run, play tennis, do martial arts, etc.  That leaves me with 4 pairs of sneakers that end up smelling not so fresh by the end of the week.  Since I can't afford to buy everyone new sneakers when they start to smell toxic, I decided to start trying to freshen them naturally with a few ingredients I had lying around the house.  This is a very simple way to keep your family's sneakers smelling fresh.  If you are dealing with a stinky teenage boy like I am, you will find this odor control tip very … [Read more...]

Raising Confident Girls: Does Our Parenting Really Matter?

I look at my children some days and I am in awe of how different they are from one another.  In theory, both my 13 year old son and my 11 year old daughter were raised almost exactly the same, right?  Same house, same rules, same experiences (for the most part) so why did they turn out completely different from one another?  My son is an introverted child who lacks confidence even though he is very bright and quite a sweet kid.  My daughter has always been a leader....ready to charge on ahead even if she didn't quite know where she was going.  … [Read more...]

Having a baby at 40? I’d rather start menopause!

Ever since  my daughter could hold her first doll at the age of 1 year old she has been obsessed with babies.  She would take them everywhere with her, dress them, feed them, and fix up their pretend boo-boos.  Every year her Christmas wish list included stuff for her babies....they have more clothes than I do along with sleeping bags, tents, strollers, and so many other things there is barely space for my daughter in her room. At the age of 6 she started asking Santa to please leave her a baby under the Christmas tree.  At age 7 she wanted to … [Read more...]