How to Make Homemade Linen Spray

Linen spray can elevate your going to bed experience from 'blah' to 'WOW' but it is not cheap to buy.  I have also found that most of the linen spray I find in stores is a touch too strong and perfumy for my liking.  I want to be able to detect just a hint of scent on my pillow, not drown in a cloud of fake chemical smells.  Homemade linen spray is incredibly easy to make and amazingly inexpensive.  You can choose the scents you like from whatever essential oils you have on hand.  I found a  (affiliate link--->>> ) Misto Olive Oil … [Read more...]

Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips and a #EurekaPower Vacuum Giveaway #bringiton

These spring cleaning tips have been sponsored by Eureka.  I have been provided with one Eureka Airspeed All Floor vacuum to facilitate my post.After a very long, cold and dreadfully dreary winter, spring is finally here!  My garden is planted, the days are staying light later, and the kids are off to school in the morning in shorts.  Yes, April in Georgia is warm enough for shorts!  Along with the warmer weather comes a distinct need to clean out my house.  Clutter and dust bunnies shall be dealt with severely in the coming weeks.  Between … [Read more...]

Organizing your Home in Style with @Kmart

This post about organizing your home has been sponsored by Kmart.  I am a Kmart blogger but all opinions expressed here are my own.Winter in my house tends to leave behind an awful lot of clutter.  Hats, scarves and mittens, though used infrequently, seem to pile up near vents or randomly stuffed into places they don't belong.  Like toy boxes, book bags, or the basket of magazines I have yet to read.  Holiday gifts take forever to find new homes and by this time of year my house is starting to look a bit tattered around the edges.  Now that … [Read more...]

Creative Decorating Ideas with the Sears Furniture Collection

This is a sponsored post through the Social Media Chicks influencer network. I am a Sears Holding Corporation blogger, though all opinions are my own.8 years ago my husband and I moved from our tiny starter home into a larger house in a good school district.  All of the furniture from our first house fit into one floor of our current home.  Not that our current digs are a palace or anything....but we had a lot of empty space to fill up!  8 years later and it is still a work in progress.  Much of our current furniture is second hand (and … [Read more...]

Fall Home Decor Ideas: A Vase Full of Pumpkins!

With summer gone and the cool weather finally here I am starting to pull out the fall home decor.  October and November decorations include lots of browns, orange, green and yellow and I love finding ways to incorporate natural materials into my fall home decor ideas. Just a simple bowl of pine cones spritzed with essential oil bring a touch of added warmth to a room.  I am not the craftiest individual but I am trying to find simple ways to bring a bit of uniqueness to my home.   The following easy fall home decor idea was fairly simple to … [Read more...]

How to Clean Your Dishwasher: The Grimy Reality!

Okay, so I am really a very neat person and while my house isn't showcase worthy, I would not be embarrassed to have people over to visit without too much advanced notice.  Lately, though, I have noticed that my dishwasher is starting to take on a life of its own.  We are starting to notice bits and pieces of crud on our dishes and a quick peak inside has us wondering what that layer of ick is that looks like it could get up and walk away.  So, I started trying to figure out how to clean it.  What did I do first?  Head to my computer and Google … [Read more...]