Home Renovation Junkie? Check out DIY Blog Cabin!

This DIY Blog Cabin post has been sponsored however all opinions expressed here are my own. Many years ago, my parent bought an extremely old Victorian style home that was in serious need of repair.  As in, my mother did not want to sleep in the house until my dad got the ceilings back where they belonged.  Over the years, they have replaced not only the ceilings but also renovated just about every other part of the house as well.  You would never know today that this house was in such bad shape when it was first purchased.  When I take a … [Read more...]

Natural Dryer Sheets For Your Laundry!

I am not a huge fan of store bought dryer sheets for a number of reasons.  I think they are seriously a waste of money and create a huge amount of unnecessary trash.  Not to mention the very fake smell left behind on my clothes, as well as the questionable chemicals involved.  Natural News discusses several health problems associated with dryer sheets if you want to learn more about this particular issue.  I found a ton of recipes online for homemade dryer sheets but a large number of them use store bought fabric softener.  I have the same … [Read more...]