Reduce Dust in Your House with These Easy Cleaning Tips

I don't mind cleaning toilets.  I actually enjoy vacuuming.  But you know what?  I hate to dust with a passion. I would rather potty train a two-year-old than dust my house. And we all know how much fun potty training is, right?  If you are looking for ways to reduce dust in your house, you have come to the right place.  I have found that when it comes to housework, prevention is much easier than actual cleaning.Ways to Reduce Dust in Your House Preventing clutter is easier than spending hours putting away crap that doesn't belong where … [Read more...]

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean Even with Kids!

Every time my husband gets in my car he starts complaining.  Why is the seat so far up?  Why is the radio so loud?  Why are their food crumbs everywhere?  Ummm...HELLO Mr. Perfect!  I LIVE in my car some days!  My car isn't a total pigsty but there is definitely evidence of children in my car.  An assortment of toys, food wrappers and crumbs often grace the back seat and make it look a little less than pristine.  I try hard to keep it clean but some days it is tough.  If you have kids, I'm sure you know what I am talking about! If you need a … [Read more...]

DIY Dishwasher Tablets Give You Clean Dishes for Only Pennies!

I am not usually known for my frugal grocery shopping skills.  I have a tendency to zip through the store way too fast, throwing an assortment of random things in the cart.  Since I tend to buy a lot of organic, natural, and fresh products, my grocery bill is usually staggering.  Occasionally I glance at the price of something and am floored at how much it costs.  These DIY Dishwasher Tablets are incredibly easy to make and cost only pennies per tablet. I decided to try making a batch so I could stop bringing home that ridiculously expensive … [Read more...]

Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips and a #EurekaPower Vacuum Giveaway #bringiton

These spring cleaning tips have been sponsored by Eureka.  I have been provided with one Eureka Airspeed All Floor vacuum to facilitate my post.After a very long, cold and dreadfully dreary winter, spring is finally here!  My garden is planted, the days are staying light later, and the kids are off to school in the morning in shorts.  Yes, April in Georgia is warm enough for shorts!  Along with the warmer weather comes a distinct need to clean out my house.  Clutter and dust bunnies shall be dealt with severely in the coming weeks.  Between … [Read more...]

Garage Organization Kit up for grabs!

Many years ago I had a garage that I could actually park my truck in.  It was wonderful...when it was raining outside I did not have to dash through the downpour like a mad woman to get to the safety of my vehicle.  I did not have to spend 15 minutes running the defroster and windshield wipers so that I could get the ice off my windshield.  And I could actually walk through my garage without tripping over a million toys and yard tools. Then I moved to a house with a smaller garage, had children, acquired a ton more stuff and promptly started … [Read more...]