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Thinking back to when I first gave birth to my children I am seriously amazed that I didn’t have a nervous breakdown within their first year of life.  I had no family around, we had only lived in Georgia for a couple of months so I had very few friends, and I had almost zero experience with babies.  Everyone told me that breastfeeding would be simple and to let instincts guide me.  Yeah, that was pretty much a load of bull!  Breastfeeding hurt and my instinct was to run away and hide under the bed to drown out the sound of the baby crying.  Being a new mom isn’t easy but I managed to survive (as did the kids!) and thought I would share a few suggestions on products for new moms…just in case you are looking for handy gift ideas this holiday season.  Keep in mind that I was never impressed with things like baby wipe warmers or video monitors for watching baby sleep. Simple, functional products stand the test of time and are worth every penny you spend on them!

Sanity Saving Products for New Moms

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1.  Baby Sling:  Not one of those baby carriers that has foot holes and you slide the baby in up and down.  If you are looking for products for new moms, invest in a baby SLING…like a Maya Wrap or Nojo baby sling.  They are great for infants and still handy when your baby is a toddler and you need an extra hand or two for groceries.  Yes, you will have to practice but once you figure it out you will be so amazed at how baby wearing will change your entire life!  Not to mention the fact that you can walk around nursing and absolutely no one will realize you are doing it!

2.  Realistic Motherhood Book:  I seriously recommend  (—> affiliate link!) The Girlfriends’ Guide to Surviving The 1st Year of Motherhood (Perigee)  It is a down to earth, realistic, and blatantly  honest look at the first year of your life after you have a baby.  You will laugh, you will learn, and you will be happy someone was honest with you.  Motherhood is not easy and telling women that everything will be perfect for them is just discouraging and makes us wonder what is wrong with our mothering skills!  This book will make you realize that you are NOT a bad mom!

3. Infant sleep sack:  In the olden days, moms knew that babies loved to be swaddled and wrapped them in blankets in a mysterious pattern that I never could quite reproduce.  Instead, I purchased a sleep sack for my son that zipped right up the front.  There were no folds to perfect or tucks to come untucked. The (—> affiliate link!) HALO SleepSack is a good option.  It was a huge help in getting my son to sleep longer through the night and things that help babies sleep are always awesome products for new moms!

4.  Rocking Chair:  Honestly, it sounds old fashion but I lived in that rocking chair when the baby was little.  I didn’t have anything super fancy.  It was a second hand wooden rocker that we painted and put some seat cushions on.  I nursed in it, read books in it, slept in it….I am pretty sure my butt print is still imprinted on those cushions 14 years later!  And that chair is currently sitting in my daughter’s room filled with her dolls.  I am looking forward to rocking my grand-kids in it!  The biggest perk to an old fashion rocker is that you can clean it easily and replacing the cushions is very cheap! Products for new moms that can be passed on for generations are a great choice!

5.  Cradle:  Many, many years ago, women had bassinets or cradles in their bedrooms where the baby would sleep for the first few months of life.  Gigantic cribs are big, wide open spaces that many newborns are not all that thrilled with.  Keeping the baby in your bedroom also means that you do not have as far to travel at 3 AM when the baby is screaming to be fed.  These cradles and bassinets are also transportable.  No need to keep them in the bedroom!  Roll that thing into the kitchen while you cook or the living room as you fold laundry.

Baby cradles have come a long way since my kids were little and I recently had the chance to attend a blogger event sponsored by Graco to check out their newest product called the Graco Little Lounger.   The Little Lounger™ is actually two products in one: a rocking seat and a vibrating lounger. In the rocking seat mode it helps calm your baby with the gentle back and forth motion of the rocking seat. If baby would like a different perspective you can flip down the Rock Locks™ and the seat becomes a vibrating lounger with 2-speed vibration. It has has multiple reclining positions, so that it’s easy to find just the right angle for your baby’s comfort. When you’re not using it, Little Lounger folds compactly so you can put it in your trunk or store it under the bed.  It also has a toy bar to help keep your baby occupied.  There is a 3 point harness as well for baby’s safety.

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The  Graco Little Lounger in Caraway is a Babies R Us exclusive pattern and is the one we got to check out during the Blogger event last week hosted by Krystyn, of Really, Are You Serious?..  I was very impressed with how soft the material was and how amazingly quiet the vibration feature is!  The locks on the feet help prevent little brother or sister from helping to ‘rock’ the baby a tad bit too hard!  It was easy to collapse when baby didn’t need it any more and was narrow enough to go under a bed or in a closet.  I love the gender neutral color pattern so that it can be passed on from one baby to the next.  During our party, our hostess gave us a demo of the Graco Little Lounger with a life sized baby doll.  I wish all babies were that quiet!

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Graco has been a trusted name in baby products since my own kids were little.  They want to encourage moms to take 15 minutes for themselves every once in a while and hope that their new Little Lounger will help you do that.  While baby is content in the lounger, what would you spend your 15 minutes doing?  At our blogger get together, there was a yoga instructor, Meryl Arnett, from Sacred Thread Yoga, who showed us several relaxing yoga moves perfect for moms to help them relax.  Relaxation is the number one sanity saving thing you can give a new mom!   While you are out looking for products for new moms ask yourself whether it will be a sanity saver before you buy.  THOSE are the products that will get used over and over again!

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What are your top Sanity Saving Products for New Moms

This post about products for new moms has been sponsored by Graco and Global Influence but all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Love the idea of a 3 point harness!
  2. Definitely a swing is a lifesaver and a baby carrier. :)
  3. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says
    A rocking chair is still something I wish we had invested in when Bubbles was a baby. I also think that a Snugabunny Swing and Boppy pillow are must-haves!
  4. They didn't have slings when my kids were little. Love sleep sacks. I like that swing, looks like they've come a long way since my oldest was born.
  5. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says
    when my kids were babies- I could not even think about living with out my swing!!!
  6. The swing by far was our life saver! Everyone of my babies loved their swing. It was the only thing that comforted them when I needed a rest or break.

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