Mother’s Day Contest from Eve Echo!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (I am SOOO looking forward to a bit of pampering!) and this is the perfect time to stop and think about what your mom has meant to you over the years.  Look at yourself and who you are today and ask yourself how your mother influenced you.  In honor of Mother’s Day, Eve Echo is launching a Mother’s Day Contest that I have been asked to share with you.  Haven’t heard of Eve Echo?  I will be reviewing some of their products here in a few weeks but here is some information about them from their website:


Eve Echo is on a mission to end gender inequalities and free women from oppression all over the world. Through sales of the Eve Echo collection, we are able to lend 100% of our net profits to the Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA), which offers loans at a nominal interest rate to women living in challenged economies.

Eve Echo sells both Hand Sanitizer Spray and Hand Soap in several wonderful scents.  They would make a great Mother’s Day gift!  Here is some information about the contest they are offering:

Mother’s Day Contest Info:

Eve Echo is launching a Mother’s Day Campaign/Contest (deadline will be May 12, 2012) and we are encouraging people to submit videos answering one of the following questions:
  • How has your mother inspired you to act as a positive influence in others lives? How do you ‘echo’ her values?
  • How has your mother inspired you to build peace and world prosperity? How do you ‘echo’ her values?
  • How has your mother inspired you to aspire for all womankind? How do you ‘echo’ her values?

Winners will be chosen based on the number of video views, positive comments and likes.  Winners will be awarded Eve Echo products and the grand prize winner will also be awarded a $30 donation to FINCA in her mother’s name.


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